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Pats vs Houston Oilers, no wait.. Tennessee Oilers.. er, …?
October 18, 2009, 2:15 pm
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The throwback thing continues this weekend with The Pats facing the team formerly known as the Houston Oilers. At 0 - 5, Titans fans are probably taking a week to enjoy their team pretending to be somebody else.

Despite being up against an 0 - 5 team this week, this is a game that makes me a little nervous for The Pats, primarily BECAUSE they're playing an 0 - 5 team.. I mean The Titans / Oilers gotta win a game eventually I figure.. hopefully it won't be against The Pat Patriot adorned Patriots. 

One thing that makes me a little less worried is that I seem to recall that The Pats always played pretty well against the Oilers. (I'm not going to look it up for fear of breaking the spell..) 

One interesting thing to note, it's FRIGGIN SNOWING here!!! What??? We had our first snow of the season on Friday and it's snowing now. Once again, WHAT??? It's good for football but it's really bad for my psyche. Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March. Count em up that is SIX FUCKING MONTHS OF SNOW AND WINTER CONDITIONS. I haven't got my lawnmower put away yet. The patio furniture is still out. The shed is still in summer configuration with the snow-blower stuffed in the back where it belongs.. ACK!!

In order to give the Pats a hand, I have appealed to The Football Gods with some nice, hot chili, some fresh guacamole, a fireplace fire, and of course the usual candles, Lucky Patriots Fleece Blanket, Superbowl 36 Beer Mug and other Patriot paraphernalia, so I'm doing my part as the 12th Man. 


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I didn’t get to see the game, but am happy with the win and the fact they are able to bring it togetehr again! Maybe it was there was some magic in the ol Patriots red or the snow, btu either way, let’s hope it is here to stay for the remainder of the season.

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This was an absolute shellacking, 59-0!!!!

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