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4th Quarter of the season for The Patriots.. GO PATS
December 13, 2009, 3:33 pm
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Hey what's up evera-body. Sorry I haven't written in a while. Thanks to anybody out there who still keeps this thing on their read list.

I'm just sitting here watching what has so far been a very frustrating Patriots game. The offense has shown a few occasional signs of life, but mostly they've been sputtering along. It's been a very 'WTF' kinda game. I've got Gil and Gino on the radio, as I always do, and even those guys, who are almost always upbeat, have been voicing their frustration with The Patriots play in this one.. Defensively The Pats have been hanging in. Hopefully that will continue and the offense will get on track.

With four games left, the 4th Quarter of the season is here. Anybody following the team doesn't need me to tell you this is the critical stretch. Thankfully we've got the night games out of the way, we've got those damn throw-back games out of the way, (give me Elvis and the Nautical Blue uni's any day, any time) time to focus in and bear down. The AFC East is there for the taking. 

I've been watching this team a for long time, though lotsa ups, and lotsa downs, and I've always tried to keep things on an even keel. First and foremost goal number one for me every year is always a winning season. The Pats can get to 8 wins today. Right now all I want is to get that check mark out of the way. One game at a time.

The Pats are up by four as I write this, 14-10. With the way our offense has been performing in this game, this one is certainly not a lock. We need to put another score or three on the board here in the last 12 min..


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