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Big game in Buffalo..
December 20, 2009, 9:33 am
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Three games left and all are playoff critical. The Pats still need a road win this season and getting it in Buffalo in December is going to be a tricky prospect. I have been wondering what the weather is like up there all weekend. It's snowing here.. a-gain, dammit. It was supposed to start yesterday afternoon but when I went to bed without seeing a single flake last night I thought we were going to luck out. No such luck. I awoke to it coming down this morning. Ug I hate it… 

I got so sick of reading about the Randy Moss saga this past week. Every time I went into google reader to get an update, it seemed like every post was about Moss' performance last Sunday. Give me a friggin break. Talk about making a whole lot of something out of a whole lot of nothing.. It's getting so I can't read Pats news sites any more.. since they seem to report less and less news and more and more plain b.s. 

Even the formerly straight-up, just the facts Mike Riess seems to have become ESPN-ized.. I guess it can't be helped, since it says ESPN on his pay-check now. 

It's affecting my newspaper too, Patriots Football Weekly. With all of their writers blabbing on the various sports talk radio stations these days, I'm starting to see that influence creeping into the writing. 

Ah well what can ya do. Turn the TV on and turn the radio up for Gil and Gino.


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