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Pats / Ravens: ugliest 1st quarter ever
January 10, 2010, 2:03 pm
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Wow the Patriots gave up an 83 yard Ray Rice touchdown to The Ravens on the very first play of the game and as amazing as it seems, things have actually gotten WORSE since then. It almost does not seem possible, how badly the Patriots are playing right now in all three phases. It's actually indescribable. And this is a playoff game for fuck's sake. 

The Ravens are up by 24-0 as the 1st quarter comes to a merciful end. Holy crap this is horridly bad.

All I can say at this point is I hope the Patriots will at least put up a fight and not roll over. Losing a playoff game at home would be painful enough, but losing because they flat out quit would be worse. 

I have faith in this team. No more typing time to send all possible positive vibes out to Foxboro.


somber update:

Alright. Well. The game is over. The Pats lost. Spotting a team 24 points in the 1st Quarter is not a good way to win a playoff game. So there you go. The team simply did not have that spark and I kept waiting for them to fight back a little more. It just didn't happen. There was no counter-punch to the Ravens attack. 

I thought Edelman played his guts out, Kevin Faulk was obviously not giving in, Brady kept fighting.. congrats to those guys. I can't really say I saw that fighting spirit from many other guys though, unfortunately. 

So now it's time to re-tool and get ready for another year. The Pats had a good year. Hey they went 10-6 and won the AFC East, they made the playoffs so despite the outcome of today's game, they were a good, playoff team. As a fan that's what you want. Obviously I wish The Pats could have advanced but as much as I may want them to, the Pats can't win the Superbowl every year. 

One thing the Patriots seemed to search for all year was consistency. This was an erratic team. There are all kinds of factors that contribute to that, both on the field and off the field.. I won't go into my opinions on what some of those factors might be, I'll just say that hopefully next season they will regain that consistency that was missing this year. On the superstitious side, one thing I will be glad to see is the nautical blue uni's and Flying Elvis, all year long. Until then… one more time.


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