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It’s time for the ‘Who I’m rooting for in the Divisional Playoffs’, 2010 version
January 16, 2010, 8:57 am
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Let's just start this post by getting this out of the way right now. I hate every team in the AFC. There are zero AFC Teams for me to root for this year. WAH.

Ok got that out of the way.


Balmer / Indy:

This choice is kind of like asking which would you rather have, a kick in the head or a kick in the nuts. I guess I'll go with the kick to the head option and take Balmer. Really anybody but Indy is what it all comes down to at this point.

Jersey Boyz / San Diego:

This choice is only slightly easier to make than the one above. As much as I dislike the Jets, I will admit that Rex Ryan seems a likable guy. However, I'm still not rooting for his team. It's the JETS for chrisssake. San Diego… as far as I'm concerned the team is fully of whiny bitchy babies who over-celebrate their accomplishments or complain and point the finger when things don't bounce their way. Believe it or not the Chargers were once one of my primary back-up teams. Now I loathe them. However I do have some measure of respect for Chargers QB Philip Rivers after he came into Foxboro a few years ago and gutted out the AFC Championship game on a bad leg while the awesome and ultra-classy Ladania Tohmalaua (spelling, whateverz) sat on the bench with his super cool Darth Vader helmet on and sulked the game away.. Rivers may be somewhat of a tool, but he's got guts and sometimes guts is enough. Plus he's playing against the Jets. So in case that long winded explanation did not make it clear, I'm rooting for San Diego.


Dallas / Minnie:

Ok normally this would be a no-brainier because I generally like the Vikings. They've never done me any harm and are a traditional backup team for me. Unfortunately that does NOT go for Brett Farve. I generally DIS-like Brett Farve. A lot. So that throws a big old wrench in everything. However, despite Farve's presence I will still root for the Vikes, even though it causes me a lot of stomach churn to root for a Brett Farve helmed team. The rationale here being that Vikes fans deserve some joy in their lives and they've never won a Superbowl, unlike America's Team Dallas. F them. Can you imagine having to listen to that America's Team crap for a year if they made The Big Game?

Zona / Nawlinz: 

So this is another sucky choice because these are the two teams in the whole thing that I actually LIKE so of course they are playing against one another.. The Football Gods love their little games don't they? My heart says Arizona but my head says New Orleans, simply because I think they'd have a better chance to beat whoever wins the AFC. I can't decide. I'm going to flip a coin. Heads Arizona, tails NO. It's heads. 

Whatever. Go any NFC team. 

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