One-Line Bio

Husband, Father, Family Man, Working Stiff


About me:

Name: Ernie
Age: Late 30's
Status: Happily married, 3 children.
Location: I live in the wild, uncharted region known as Central Massachusetts, just outside of Worcester, MA.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail at mrbandw AT If you want to chat me up on IM, send me an e-mail with your screen-name. If I'm online, I'd be happy to chat with you.

About the website, 'mr. blackandwhite'

First off, I don't take any of this seriously so neither should you. It's all just a fun diversion.

Q: What's up with the site name, 'mr. blackandwhite'?

A: A friend of mine once told me that I see everything in terms of 'black and white' and started to call me 'mr. blackandwhite' as a joke. (Other nick-names included: The Master of Subtlety, Master of the Obvious, Jerk-Face and Tool-io).

When I first became interested in writing a blog, I couldn’t come up with a good name, so I just called it 'mr. blackandwhite' as a temporary name until I could come up with something better, but I never did, and then the next thing I knew, people actually started reading the thing. It was too late to change it then, so 'mr. blackandwhite' it now remains.

The things I write about on this site are primarily focused on The New England Patriots and The Boston Red Sox, with a little bit of B's, C's, NASCAR and whatever else I feel like talking about thrown in.

Occasionally I write about everyday, normal stuff that's going on in my life if I think there's an outside chance that people might find it humorous or interesting.

The point of this site is basically for me to have an outlet, have fun, and maybe make a few imaginary friends on the interwebs along the way, so have fun and thanks for reading!


Spending time with my Wife and Kids, Playing Guitar, '92 Les Paul Classic+distortion+wah+a little reverb, N6 American Standard, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Adventure, Excersize, Music, Movies, Reading, Yardwork, Landscaping, Beer, Whiskey, New England Patriots, Winning Superbowls, Red Sox Nation, Winning the World Series, The Bruins winning the Cup and actually being able to remember it, The Celts getting #17, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Blogging, Boston Sports, The AHL, NASCAR, iPod, Job Security, Enjoying the Moment, Keeping a Positive Attitude, Pretending I'm somewhere else, Fishing, Archery, Pond Hockey, Overcoming reclusive, anti-social tendencies, Not getting caught singing in the car, Called strike 3, Brady to Branch, A weedless lawn, Brown-eyed Brunettes, Thinking up dumb shit to list for my interests, Hazelnut Coffee, All 3 Phases of the Game, Walk-off Homers, Tropical Islands, Big Sky Country, Selective hearing, Remodeling Basements [as in my own], baby-talk