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NHL Conference Finals: Who I’m rooting for..
May 8, 2008, 4:54 pm
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Well the NHL’s (that’s hockey. ice hockey.) Conference Finals are starting tonight so I better get my ‘who I’m rooting for’ picks up here and let the appropriate cross-mojinations and jinxes start to work their magic.

Wings / Stars - I’m going with The Stars. I don’t really care for either team to be honest, but I like Mike Modano, so I’ll root for The Stars. By the way, do you know what happens if you do an image search for Mike Modano in Google? Try it and find out. Heh heh. (Don’t worry it’s safe, unless you work for Puritans. Just don’t search for ‘mike modano wife’. That would be NSFW.)

Flyers / Penguins - Well I think I’ve made it pretty plain over the last couple posts that I hate the Flyers, so obviously my pick is The Penguins. Not that I like (or dislike) The Penguins, I just hate the Flyers.

Ok there you go. Stanley Cup Conference Finals: ENGAGE!


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Avs get swept by the Wings. Guess I’m rooting for the Pens now..
May 2, 2008, 10:24 am
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Well my #1A team, The Avs, got swept by The Wings in the Stanley Cup Conference Semis. And my other team out West, The Sharks, are down 3 games to 1 to The Dallas Northstars, er, I mean, Stars. Yeah, that’s it.

It’s not looking good at all in the West.

Unless there are some drastic changes and turn-arounds, it looks like I’ll be rooting for a team from the East to win The Cup this year and I’ll be damned if I’ll root for either Philly or The Habs. That leaves The Pens. Go Pittsburgh. I guess. (I am not happy with this.)

The Patriots will have their first rookie mini-camp this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing some tidbits about that. I am pleased with what the Pats did in the draft. The needed some young players to refresh their defense and thats what they tried to get. Will they all work out and become perennial pro-bowler super-stars? Only time will tell. (By the way, grading a team’s draft is almost as stupid as spending weeks trying to guess which player a team is going to draft in the first place. Just my opinion..)

I also like that the Patriots picked a QB. Not that I am all that concerned about it, but the backup QB situation is kinda sketchy. It’s important that when it’s time for The Patriots to take a knee and run out the clock in the 4th Quarter, they have a guy who is fully capable of doing the job right.

Is it just me or is there kind of a negative vibe out there regarding ‘The Man’? I’m talking about a guy that I would totally bear-hug in a non-homo fashion if I could, Tom Brady of course. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been feeling like there’s been a lot of nit-picky and dumb barbs thrown his way lately. Step off bitches.

Tom Brady is THE MAN. THE END.

In other scintillating news, I need a hair cut, like wicked bad. I was going to get one Saturday but I have to attend a family thing instead. Saturday night I’ll be amongst the crowd at The Lucky Dog in beautiful Worcester, MA to see The Goldstar Campaign. Come find me if you’re there. And, finally, I’ve switched from celluloid to tortex guitar picks. So far, so good. Wow. Now that’s exciting!

Don’t forget about my Happy Friday!

Here’s my, ‘who I’m rooting for’ for the Stanley Cup semi-finals.
April 23, 2008, 10:10 am
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Alright everybody, with the quarter finals wrapping up last night, I can list my ‘who I’m rooting for’ picks for the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs..


Montreal vs Philly - I hate both teams so it’s a no win situation. I hate Philly only slightly less than I hate Montreal. I find it impossible to make a pick here. I will just say that I hope it goes seven games so whoever wins is totally exhausted for the Conference Finals..

Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers - Although I don’t hate the Rangers, and have actually rooted for them in the past back when Messier was there, I find I cannot bring myself to root for a New York team right now. So, Pittsburgh gets all the love from me, not only in the Semi’s but I hope they win the East and go to the Cup Finals. You hear that Johnny?? I’m rooting for your team!!

(If Washington had won last night they would have been my ‘who I’m rooting for’ pick for the East. Oh well.)


For some reason I always tend to like the Western hockey teams a lot more than the Eastern teams. It probably has to do with the various rivalries that the Bruins have with the other Eastern teams.. In any case..

Avs vs Wings - The Avs have been my 1A hockey team ever since Ray Bourque went there and they remain so today. The Avs have provided me with my most enjoyable hockey memories, watching Ray hoist the Cup and there’s also the fact that my kids were conceived between the 2nd and 3rd period of Game 6 in 2001.. So yeah. Go AVS!

Sharks vs Stars - Gotta go with San Jose here. It’s the whole Worcester Sharks connection. Plus Joe Thornton remains a big fave of mine.

There you go!

The Friday Song. Happy Reward Friday.
February 8, 2008, 10:50 am
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Today is finally Friday
I’m so glad that it’s here
After work I’m gonna have some pizza
And a couple beers

There’s no football on this weekend
The Pro-Bowl’s really lame
I guess I’ll read a book instead
Or watch a hockey game

(insert gee-tar mandolin or drum solo here)

Tonight’s guest of honor… Lord Stanley’s Cup
June 6, 2007, 7:56 pm
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Tonight. It could happen tonight. The Stanley Cup will be in the house tonight as The Ducks take on The Senators for Game 5 of the Cup Finals. The Ducks lead the series 3-1 and a win tonight on their home ice would give them The Stanley Cup.

It’s sure to be a very exciting game. Personally, I’m thinking the Sens win this one out of pure desperation. I have a feeling there is still more hockey to be played after tonight. We will have to wait and see!

The Ducks put their foot (flipper? what’s a duck’s foot called anyway?) on the Sens neck and did not let up on it the whole game, coming away with a 6-2 victory and a 4-1 win of the series.

Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks and their fans!

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Cup Finals: GO DUCKS
May 31, 2007, 9:58 am
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As usual I am late with my NHL picks as we’re already two games in to the Stanley Cup Finals. So who am I picking? I have to say I am a little surprised at myself but I find myself rooting for The Anaheim Ducks over The Ottawa Senators.

I guess it’s mainly because my friend Turtle is a big Ducks fan and I think it would be cool for him to get to see his team win The Stanley Cup. That would be awesome.

The Ducks are taking a 2-0 series lead and a ton of momentum into Ottawa. Last night the game was dominated by The Ducks, in shots on goal, smooshed faces against the glass and of course, the final score, 1-0.

The series now heads to Ottawa with The Sens needing some wins, big time, if they want to stay in this series. I have a feeling The Senators will bounce back on their home ice and I would not be surprised to see them take two at home to even things up.. We’ll have to wait and see!

Note to self: Wait until a commercial to bring the laundry up from the basement. I ran down to get the laundry basket for my Wife and I just f-ing missed Pahlsson’s shot, right between Sens defender Joe Corvo’s legs. Yeah I saw the replay but it’s just not the same dammit… That was a heck of a goal.

There’s nothing like playoff hockey. The Stanley Cup is arguably the most difficult trophy to win in all of pro-sports.

NHL Conference Finals Picks and other awesome things…
May 10, 2007, 11:19 am
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With the NHL Conference Championships starting tonight, here are my picks, (i.e., who I want to win).

Detroit Red Wingers vs. Anaheim Ducks - Ducks. Ok I am fully disappointed that The Sharks did not make it into the Conference Finals. Plus I hate the Red Wings and thus, hate to see them advance. I can’t give you a reason why I hate the Wings so much. It is a completely irrational hate, especially considering they don’t even play in my main team’s (The B’s) conference, though I think it might stem from their consistently preventing my favorites in the West from making the Cup finals several years ago. Plus I hate their red uniforms. So there.

Like I said, totally irrational.

It’s kind of lame that I’m really rooting against The Wings more than I am rooting for The Ducks, but it is what it is. There’s some kinda love and there’s some kinda hate.

Buffalo Sab-Rays (That’s how I pronounce Sabres) vs Ottawa Senators: Ottawa - Ottawa has been my ‘team’ in the East since the Playoffs started, so I’m sticking with them. Plus, have you ever seen that movie with Jim Carey where The Sabes win The Stanley Cup and there is rioting in the streets of Buffalo? I would hate to see that happen in Buffalo. Rioting, rubber bullets, explosions… it’s no fun.. except maybe if you are watching a Jim Carey flick… What is that movie called again? Jim Carey is like a TV reporter or something who goes to cookie baking contests and stuff and makes weird faces… Oh well I can’t remember. So ya. Go Sens!

In other news, things that are awesome:

The Weather:
The Weather has been SOOO awesome the last few days and I so forgive Mother Nature for that rotten weather we had earlier this Spring. It’s shorts and t-shirt weather and everything is coming alive outside. I love seeing all the green popping out on the trees and hearing the bird’s chirping and watching the plants beginning to grow in my Wife’s garden. Totally awesome. We put out some bird feeders and kids love them, though my wild-boy Son likes to chase the birds away, laughing devilishly the whole time. But the birds seem to have a thing for free bird seed so they keep coming back. It’s all good.

The Sox:
Josh Beckett is awesome right now. Totally awesome. I had expectations that he would be a better pitcher this year, but I never expected this. 7-0, 2.51 ERA. WOW. Incredibly WOW.

Also awesome has been the Red Sox play in general. They are consistently winning series after series. It’s great to see. Even though technically ‘it’s still early’, this sets us (I like to include myself in with the team) up for the rest of the season. And hey, no meltdown for The Diceman last night. Next thing you know, Wake will be getting insane amounts of run support. That would be nice, especially since he’s facing Halladay tonight in Toronto.

What else… hmm.

Well, I have to say, life has been a lot better recently. For the first time in I don’t know when, I don’t have any life sucking projects looming in front of me. The basement is done, the yard is pretty much squared away. I’ve got jobs to do here and there, that is never going to end, but there’s nothing that is going to take every weekend of the summer and turn my life into a grouchy, all I ever do is work, hell. It’s a really cool feeling! I had forgotten what it was like to have a weekend arrive and NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING and have my Wife ask, ‘What’s on the agenda this weekend? and my reply be, ‘Well, I’d like to mow the grass.. other than that, nothing! You want barbeque chicken and margaritas for dinner?’

Oh yeah I like it.

Who I’m rooting for in the Stanley Cup Semi’s, George Strait tonight!
April 26, 2007, 10:43 am
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I never posted my picks for the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and now that the first round is over and the second round has started, I figure I better get my second round picks up quick before it’s over too!Quest For The Cup

Note: These are the teams I am rooting for, not necessarily the teams I think will win.

Buffalo Sabres vs NY Rangers: Rangers - For some reason I have always kind of liked the Rangers, even though they are a rival to the B’s.

NJ Devils vs. Ottawa Senators: Sens - I hate the Devils and would root against them no matter who they were playing. It just so happens that I like the Senators, so hopefully this one works out for me.

Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks: Sharks - I hate the Red Wings and would root against them no matter who they were playing. I like the Sharks because of the AHL connection with my home team, the Worcester Sharks, and also because I like Joe Thornton. And also because I would love to see the gnashing of teeth that would occur down on Causway St. if Joe is seen raising Lord Stanley’s Cup over his head at the end. Yeah, I am vindictive like that sometimes…

Anaheim Ducks vs Vancouver Canucks: Ducks - To be honest I don’t really care about this one but my friend Turtle is a Ducks fan, so I’m rooting for his team. And I really like the fun way that Ducks rhymes with Canucks.

So there you go, there’s who I’m rooting for in the NHL Conference Semi-Finals.

In other news, I’m going to see George Strait tonight down at Mohegan Sun Casino. This is the concert I was supposed to take my Wife to back in March but it was post-poned because George had laryngitis. It was originally supposed to be on a Friday night which would have been cool. Unfortunately the rescheduled date is now a Thursday night, which is not quite so cool, since I have to work the next day, but it will still be fun and I am looking forward to it. George Strait has always been a big favorite of mine. I have most of his albums and this will be my 3rd time seeing him live. The first time I saw him, he was the opening act for Alabama. That was in the late 80′s.. Sheesh. Way to make myself feel old. Anyway, it is always great to see George Strait play live and it will be nice to have a night out with my Wife.

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It’s Spring AND Free Coffee Day at Dunks!
March 21, 2007, 12:01 pm
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Wednesday odds and ends:

1. It is now officially Spring, which is awesome, even though it was 12 degrees outside this morning and there is still a foot of snow on the ground. That nasty white stuff will soon be gone as the unstoppable force of Spring continues to grow even more powerful with each passing day.

Sorry Winter, just because you woke up late and didn’t get your ass in gear until February this year, that does not mean you get extra time during Spring to make up for lost time. Now go away. Birds, time to get a-chirpin’…

2. Because it is now officially Spring, Dunkins is giving out free iced coffee today. YAY! Who cares if it’s only 25 degrees outside. FREE ICED COFFEE!

3. I’m still pissed and irritated over the Bruins loss to the bleeping Habs last night, which for all intents and purposes, ended any hopes of them making the playoffs. Therefore, hear me now, as I am officially rooting for the NY Islanders now. The Isles are now my Eastern Conference Backup Team for 2006-7. Unless they don’t make the playoffs either. If the Isles don’t get in, my fall-back team at that point is The Toronto Maple Leafs. And if THEY don’t make the playoffs, my backup backup team is the Ottawa Senators. Yes, I know it is somewhat odd that 2 out of 3 or my backup teams are still fighting for a playoff spot. At least I know the Senators will make the playoffs this year.

4. The Dugout has a funny post today all about Manny and his gas-grill auction on e-bay, which, by the way, is not really his grill, but his neighbor’s grill.. (I don’t know what is more absurd, Manny selling his neighbor’s grill on e-bay or the fact that this has turned out to be such a big story..)

5. I got disk one of Miami Vice Season 3 in the mail yesterday. Woop!

E-Bay has taken down the page for Manny’s neighbor’s gas-grill. Maybe somebody bought it. It did come with an autographed baseball after all…

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20 Minutes Away…
June 19, 2006, 10:41 pm
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Stanley Cup Finals. Game 7. Game fucking seven. Go Whale. Why win the series in 5, when you can take it in 7?

2nd period intermission: “You are 20 minutes away from the Stanley Cup.”

You can almost feel the electricity as we wait for the 3rd Period to start..

The NHL may not be the most popular sport in North America, but in my opinion, there is no other competition that requires so much of an athlete than the NHL playoffs. There is no other game that has the same level of speed, skill and brutality required to win the Championship and to hoist the Trophy at the end. The only thing that comes close to the skill and physicality involved to win is the NFL playoffs, but to win the NFL Championship, you only have to win 4 games, or in many cases, if you are a team that earns a bye week, 3. In the NHL you have to win 16 games. 16 games. That’s a lot of tough hockey.

And you know what’s really cool? They all shake hands and congratulate each other at the end. You beat the hell out of each other for an entire playoff series and when it’s over you shake hands and say, ‘good game’.

No other North American professional sport has that great tradition.

We are about to witness twenty minutes of the most intense hockey of entire the season. Carolina has a 2 goal lead but Edmonton is going to come out with everything they’ve got. Carolina needs to smother Edmonton in the 3rd. Expect to see balls-out, nothing left to lose hockey out of The Oilers…

1:03 into the 3rd and Edmonton scores to make it a 2-1 game. Edmonton is right back in it… See? What did I tell ya… Now they’ll ratchet it up another notch. Did I say Go Whale already?

Oh yeah, I did.

Carolina wins, 3-1. Nice job you guys.

(AP Photo/ National Hockey League/Doug MacLellan)

Skate it baby, skate it!

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