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Monday, September 20, 2004

Netflix reviews for the Star Wars DVDs

I noticed you can get the Star Wars DVDs from Netflix now and added them to my ridiculously long queue. I may be a dork but reading these reviews made me feel a lot less dorky.

First off, why do people feel the need to write a review that re-caps the plots of the 1st 3 (or is it last 3 now? Stupid George Lucas..) Star Wars movies? Do they actually think there is someone out there who has not seen these films?

Question: What does the acronym ESB stand for? (I felt a lot less nerdy tonight when I was like, what they hell is that?) It stands for the Empire Strikes Back.

I also learned a new word: "Younglings". This made me invoke one of my favorite acronyms: WTF?


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