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Saturday, September 25, 2004

No more rock, just the reading network

I was driving though the old college town the other day and thought I'd tune in to the old college radio station.

I was expecting to hear some college rock (formerly known as 'alternative' rock but now alternative=mainstream. Go figure). Instead some lady was reading the latest "Yankee Magazine" articles and pushing the "Recipe Hour, up next!"

What? That the hell happened here?

Back in the day I was a dj there and we used to play all the cool alternative rock bands nobody ever heard of and it was great! A lot of those bands that nobody ever heard of went on to become pretty big. Nirvana comes to mind there. I played "School" on Bleach so many times there was a groove in the record. Yes, that's right vinyl. I'm old-school mutha-fucka.

Soundgarden, Social D, Killdozer, D.R.I., The Buttholes, Galaxy 500, Bullet LaVolta, Dead Milkmen, Fields of the Nephilim, Little Henry Rollins, Agony Column, Think Tree, Ministry, Public Enemy... oh well. Now they're playing the "Reading network". That sucks!

I was pretty bummed out about it.

Makes me think of the words from an old song I used to play on the old station:
"I went down my old neighborhood. The faces had all changed there's no one there left to talk to. And the poolhall I loved as a kid, is now a 7-11"


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