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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I want to write somethin about the win in here but I'm just so tired and I'm still just having a hard time believing it happened. It has not sunk in yet. I have to keep reminding myself this is not a dream. We BEAT THE YANKEES and WON THE PENNANT. Amazing. Unbelievable. Incredible.... and the way they did it... The Greatest Comeback in Sports History. I don't think there is anything I can possily add that has not already been said and that is just fine! Just sit back and enjoy it baby!

I've got so much swirling around in my head right now. I can't keep it all straight. I need to settle for a day and just let this all sink in. This is fun.

Simmons has a great article online, as usual.

Some quick snippets:
People here at the software factory are walking around on very light feet. We're on a cloud right now. We just can't believe it.

My eyeballs are red from watching these late night games. My shirt is red in celebratory style. My Red Sox heart is very happy. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. It's not gone all the way, we still have 4 Games to Glory, but the load just got about 5 tons lighter. That was a big mutherfuckin gorilla we got off our backs last night. Man does it feel good.

Not a lot of work getting done today and nobody seems to mind. We're all feeling the same way. Everybody wants to see the pictures, read all the stories and just soak it in.

I'm not the kind of guy that usually enjoys the misery of others, but how great is it to see the NY papers just ripping the Skankees and especially A-Fraud. I don't feel bad for those Yankee fans at all. This is how it feels guys. How do you like it? All those sad faces in the crowd last night, fans leaving the stadium early, the shots of Cashman as the game was ending, wondering when the axe was gonna fall, it was great to see. Fuck the high road. I love it. I wish I could find a picture of Billy Crystal on the verge of breaking down at the end of the game. Hey, how come I did not see any shots of Jack Nicholson, the famous Yankeee fan, at the end of the game? Things that make you go "Hmmmmm".

What's Adam Sandler gonna do for his next movie? He can't throw in a shot of the Sox losing to the Yankees this time. Do you think he'll put a shot of Johnny's Grand Slam into his next movie? Yeah. I kinda doubt it.

Maybe Matt Damon can get this into his next flick instead.

A lot of people are saying, even if we can't win the Series, this is still great. Yes, it is true that no matter what happens now, this is one of the greatest moments ever as a Bostson sports fan. But let's not forget this is still just a step toward the ultimate goal. I want it all. Imagine how great it will feel when we win that Championship someday.

I'm kinda reminded of the 85 Pats, beating the Dolphins down in Miami after getting killed down there for what seemed like 20 years straight, only to go on to lose in Superbowl 20. Let's be like the 01' Pats instead and win it all against impossible odds. That is much more fun!

Alright, I should probably try to get some work done. I'm goin' to bed at 7:30 tonight. I need to get rested up for the WORLD SERIES!



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