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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mission 6W: Bloggin Game 6...

So in order to keep my mind on an even keel, as opposed to chewing my nails, pacing, swearing, pounding my fists on the furniture, etc, etc, I'll write down what's happening with the game.

Warning: expect vulgarity.

Let's pick it up.
AM radio is tuned in perfect. This is the way to watch a game. Fox announcers, go to hell. I'm done with you. Pats Superbowl 38 Champions T-Shirt is on. Sox hat on the top of the couch next to me. (It's bad luck to wear it tooo early.) Ball and glove at my side close at hand. Wachusett Octoberfest in the fridge if necessary. In case of emergency, start pourin' (Are you getting a good picture of this insanity?) I don't care if its stupid. Good karma... good karma...

Shill looks pretty good so far. Lots of scary pop-ups but he is not out of hand. Not walking guys, giving up hits, etc. This is so far so good...

The Sox have gotten tons of men on base but have, infuriatingly, wasted base runners. As an example see: Mark Bellhorn. Bases loaded and he grounds to a inning-ending double play. MOTHER F....

Bottom of the 3rd. Way too many fly balls, making me very nervous. They eventually get a double. 2 outs with a-hole Jeter up. Need to strike out Jeter here. Make him look really stupid if at all possible. Pop up. Thank You!!

Top of the 4th...
By the way, on a side note here, when it comes to the Red Sox, I am done asking for help from the man upstairs because I always get slapped down. I'm focusing all positve thought on the Sox players. I am still hoping the prayers I made in earlier games will be answered later, kinda like what happened to Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" when he get's punched in the mouth after saying a prayer. He thinks that's his answer. Well we all know what happens in that movie...

The man upstairs likes to make you sweat for it. Instant gratification is not his thing... Ok. Enough of the metaphysical graphitti.


TEK DRIVES IN A RUN! NIIICE! 1-0 SOX. Now here's another hit by Cabrera. 2 men on, 2 out. Fuck here comes Bellhorn. Dang it... OH MAN!!! HOME RUNN BELHORN!! YEAH!!!! (Jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping...)

Now wait a min. The ball hit a fan and came back into the park. The stupid ump says fan interference. Now they're all in a huddle. These god-damn umpires are about to fuck us. They always are on the Skankees side...

WA-HOOO they say it's a HOME RUN!! WAAA HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Johnny flies out. Darn it. but it's 4-0 SOX!! YEAH BABY...

Bottom of the 4th..
A-hole-Rod gets a hit. Fuck. Now Sheffield. "WHOS YOUR DEALER??" Come on Curt... show em whatcha got. Damn it Sheffeild got on. Now there's 2 on, no outs... teeth gritting time... Chop-Suey coming up... and he pops-up. Whew. Very nervous, very nervous...

Ok, Shill's in a jam here. Men on 2nd and 3rd 2 out. Posada up. Time to pace with the ball and glove... I friggin hate Posada... Pacing, pacing... he grounds out to first.. Ohhh. Big relief!!! Inning over.... Ok. I gotta stop for a while. I need a beer. Time to go with the Octoberfest.

Top of the 6th
Feeling a little better with some calming alcohol in me. I lit an 'October' seasonal pumkin candle for more karma. Yes, very gay, I know... Wachusett Octoberfest brew is in the Patriots Superbowl 31 Championship Commemerative Mug. Let's relive the moment for a sec, shall we?

Oh yeah. One of the greatest moments of my life....

Ok. Back to the game... Joe Castiglione keeps reminding us when the last time a Spankee scored was... (Notice I do not write this down. Bad luck.) STOP DOING THAT JOE! The Sox could use some more runs here. We need lots and lots of runs. 4 is not enough. We need more... but we don't get any damn it. To the bottom of the inning we go... back to the beer.

Bottom of the 7th
Ok. This is painful. This is agonizing. Definetely the most stressfull inning so far. The Spankees got a run back and Curt is getting tired. Just get out of this inning man... Come on, this is why you're here. Be the hero, become the legend... You are the horse. Shut 55,000 up... YES. He strikes out Sierra.


Top of the 8th and a tenuous 4-1 lead. We need more. Time to get some RIGHT NOW!! 1 out with Manny up. Come one, time to earn you money Manny!! Ok, he got a single. Man on. Pitching change to that, hopefully, oh so tired Skankee pen. Ortiz up next. WHOS YOUR PAPI? Come one David... beer time.

Shit. We got 2 men on but no runs. Damn it!! 3-1 is too close for comfort.

Top of the 8th
Arroyo coming out. Cornrollio. Nervous level just shot up. Can we get a 1.2.3 inning? Please??? Lots of pacing. Lots of throwing the ball into the glove. Lots of tugs off the brew. Legs feeling a little jelly like. Come on Arroyo...


Now A-Rod hits it to 1st and then SLAPS THE TAG AWAY!!! Another conferennce huddle by the umps. THEY'RE GOING TO FUCK US NOW. NO! They say it's an OUT!! YES!!! Get back to 2nd Jeter!

Now the loser fans are throwing shit on he field.

GET back to the Dugout A-ROD. Get back to 1st Jeter you fuckin asshole.. Stress level is at the max here.

Ok Sheffield, WHOS YOUR DEALER, poped out. Inning over. Thank god.

Top of the muther effin 9th

*Disclaimer: At this time I would like to apologize for those offended by all the swearing.*

Still in the top of the 9th and the Spankee fans are throwing all kinds of crap on the field. LAME!! They have to line the field with riot police for cryin out loud... Way to embarrass yourselves, your team and your city fuck-tards.

Ok, Bellhorn is up with a man on and 1 out. Come on guys. Come on MAAHHK. INSURANCE!! INSURANCE RUNS NEEDED!!! Cabrerra steals 2nd. Runner in scoring position... 3-2 count to Bellhorn. Come on man...come on. Ball 4. Pokey comes in. Yeah, Pokey. 'Bout time. (beer.SWIG. Ahhh!) Come one Johnny. Passion of the center-fielder... pops out. GRRRRRRRRR! Mueller up. Come on Billy 2 men on, 2 out. Come on. Come on. God-damit. Pop up.

Funny sign in the stands: "There's no riot police in baseball".

Bottom of the ultra-stressfull, bottom of the 9th... get ready heart. Here it comes. Time for the steel. Keith Foulke, this is why we got you. I'm gonna steal a line from "Saving Private Ryan"

"Earn it".

Ok here we go. I can't take this... I've got to stop now....

12:16 AM
THE RED SOX WIN GAME 6. Sox 4 - Evil 2

Ohh... Can I just tell you what I just went through in that inning? I dont think I can describe the stress... I have not felt that much stress since last year's ALCS Game 7. Just Indescribeable, heart in your throat, tight chested, gasping for air, rolling on the floor (FREAK SHOW!) I could hardly even watch the last 2 outs. I was on my knees, rally cap backwards, inside out, head buried in my hands... I almost could not watch the last out, but I am no pussy. I can't stand it when people close their eyes in moments like this. How can you not watch? I had my hands covering my face but I watched through my fingers and saw the strike out.

Sweet relief...

I have to admit, I thought Foulke was gonna blow it. I was fully preparing myself for a 3 run game winning, series ending, homer. Thats how it is when you're a Sox fan. You come to expect the worst but it did not happen tonight.

Wow. Looking back on where we were, down 3 - 0. Embarrased in Game 3... Just scroll down and look at what I wrote... this in-credible. Hope stays alive.

Awesome. Just Awesome. I'm a little at a loss for words. I'm starting to ramble.

They keep showing that bitch Jeter in the dugout waving his arms 'safe' from that play in the 8th. What an a-hole. I friggin hate Jeter. Game 7 muthafucka...

Goodnight all. Thanks for reading the Red Sox ALCS Game 6 freak show, wack job, happy Sox Fan, swear-fest, blog. Hope it was entertaining. I can only imagine what my behavior would have been like if I did not have writing this to distract me...



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