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Friday, October 15, 2004

Mission 8W: A little rain never hurt anybody

So I didn't write on Game 2 yesterday. Before you think it, I was not curled up in the fetal position hiding somewhere, too depressed to write anything. No offense but, fuck that. It just was a busy day.

Was I pretty pissed off? Well of course I was. Me and everybody else at the ol' software factory were in a pretty surly mood yesterday after watching Pedro go out and pitch a great game, only to get zero run support. One run does not cut it. That was an emiently winnable game and they should be tied right now, not down 2 games. Actually, they should really be up 2 games, if Curt did not blow out his ankle, they probably would be... but, that does not matter. The stark reality is they are down 2. To try and improve my mood yesterday, I consoled myself in the comforting reflection from this fancy item.


As far as the rest of the ALCS goes, 'reality bites', BUT I have not given up, down by 2 or not. I have a feeling we are going to claw our way back and get no less than 2 out of 3 here at Fenway, if for no other reason than, that's what the Sox do to us. They push us to the edge, then reel us back in. Unfortunately, they then gut us once they get us on the boat...


Tonight's rain delay is nothing but helpful for the Sox and I expect to see Pedro pitch in Game 5. In other good news, Curt threw today and reports were that he was feeling 'ok'. Hope remains...

Some funny (or maybe not so funny) things from Game 2. Bill Simmons diary from game 2 was once again, right on the money. I had a very simelar experience to one he writes about in his article.

Sitting there watching Pedro's pitch count get up to that magical number of 100, I looked up and said a little prayer out loud, "Hey God, we could use a little help here, how about it?". Literally seconds later, Olerud hits a 2 run homer. "THANKS GOD!" I suddenly remembered the scene in "Bruce Almighty" where Bruce meets God, and God is wearing a Yankee cap. DAMN IT!

Ok, ok. So this is a test I'm thinking, and if I'm good and faithful, I'll be rewarded later... It's a modern day biblical story. Well, the reward did not come in Game 2 so I now choose to believe maybe the reward will come later in the series.

Earlier tonight, while the wife and I were watching the amazingly lame FOX pre-game broadcast, she made a couple funny comments. Joe (S)uck and his crew came on and he began to speak. "WHO is that?" she says, "I haven't even listened to him for a minitue and I'm already annoyed by him" Ha. I found that pretty funny, coming from someone who really has no idea who this guy is.. See! It's not just me!! "That's why I turn the sound down really low when I watch the game hun". She was not impressed by the gang at FOX. (Shocking.)

Off on a side track here, watching my little tirades during the playoffs here has her wondering when the whole thing will be over and we can get back to watching Sex and the City on DVD. Another week and a half or so I tell her. "It's not fair" she says. "I get no break. What's there a month between the Superbowl and the start of Baseball season?! Its not fair!"

I try to console her. "Sorry hon. Hey, there's no hockey this year.." She is un-impressed.

Anyway, I will have had 2 days to stew on this series by Sat. I'm not complaining, I wanted the rain out and I actually jumped up off the couch and did a dance when the game was officially called. "HA! F-U FOX! Now you've got nothing for your prime time lineup but some crappy movie. HA! HA!."

"Can we watch Sex in the City now?"


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