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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mission 8W: Game 3... ARRRRRGGGHH. (It's over Johnny... IT'S OVER!)

Here it is, Game 3 and I've been angry since the first inning. The wife had had enough by the 2nd inning and headed (escaped) upstairs to read. I've always said she's the smart one..

I think rooting for the Sox could possibly be diagnosed as a form of Autism. Every year, hopes dashed, frustrated and just pissed off in general, yet we keep coming back. WHY WHY WHY?? I feel like one of those poor kids banging their head against the wall, unable to stop themselves. Can I at least get a helmet?

It's the 5th inning and I've pretty much given up. It's over. I'm done. Its 11 - 6 Evil and as far as I'm concerned the next Pats game could not start soon enough.

Yup. Optimism is gone hope is gone, gone gone.. ("Cryin' won't bring it back") Try and name that tune..

Even if they do somehow manage to come back in this game... (Ha! You stupid fool. See, there's that idiotic 'hope' popping up again. Come on man, it's not gonna happen).

Phhht. Now its 12-6. Ha. Now it's 13 - 6! I mean the fucking spankees are scoring runs against the Sox faster than I can type this stupid thing and the anger has pretty much given way to a dull sort of numbness to the whole thing. At this point I just dont care anymore.

They've done it to us again. In some ways, this is better. I mean, this is much less painful than last year Game 7. (I shudder and grit my teeth just to think of it... Timlann in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th. Timlann in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th...)

... and let me tell ya how much the Fox guys are loving this. Just loving it. I think we need to see more shots of dejected Sox fans in the stands. At least I dont have to listen to Fox's shitty call. I managed to get Joe and Jerry tuned in real good on the AM radio. That's my only solace.

Yeah, I know there's one more game after this, but why torture myself? I mean really. Do I really want to see the Yankees celebrate the AL Pennant on the field at Fenway? Um, no. Thanks anyway. There are some things I just don't need to see.

I had some good movies I could have watched. "The Day after Tomorrow" came in the mail. I could have watched New York get washed away by a giant tidal wave and then frozen into a glacier. I could have read my book (currently I'm reading "Jurassic Park"). Oh well.

But I'm not bitter.

Thank God for this guy.

Go PATS! Here we go, 20 in a row!

Oh, by the way.. it's top of the 7th, 13 - 6 Evil... oh no wait! Now it's 14 - 6 with runners at the corners. Oops. I spoke too soon. 16 -6 now.... Nope. Correction. 17 - 6.

I mean come on! I have to laugh at this point. What the fuck else can you do? The only guy left in the stands at Fenway is Stephen King. Hey Terry Francona, great job by the way. You should be proud.

19 - 18! 19 - 18! 19 - 18! 86 years and counting. I fucking hate the Yankees.

Abadee, Abadee, Abadee, that's all Folks!

Goodnight all. Thanks for reading.


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