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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mission 8W: Subdued but confident for Game 2

As usual, Bill Simmons manages to encapsulate everything us Sox fans are thinking perfectly.

Today was a pretty subdued day here at the ol' software factory. All the Sox fans were walking around shaking their heads. "Man we almost came back there!" Just as everybody was about to wave the white flag, cry "uncle" and turn off the TV, the Sox started getting some runs and we all got sucked right back in!

Even though they lost the game, it was still a good confidence boost to get those bats going and put up some runs. We need to keep it going tonight!

The general feeling around here is, even though the Sox did not get the win, at least they made a game of it. The bats woke up and they nearly pulled one out of the dumper.

So tonight Pedro goes. Hopefully he can pitch a strong game and not have a meltdown. He's going to hear plenty of "Who's your Daddy" chants tonight and I hope he can use it to motivate himself to pitch a champion caliber game. You know it bugged him that he was not the #1 starter. This is his chance to show he is still "THE MAN" in Boston and get the Yankee monkey off his back at the same time. You say you live for this Pedro? Here's your golden opportunity.

We're still in this thing but tonight is a must win. This cannot be stressed enough. If we can split in NY, then we will be in good shape coming back to Fenway for 3 games.

Please, please, please.... let's have a good stong game from Pedro and some run support! ARGGG! The tension is building as we get close to quittin' time and it's friggin' killing me! I-CANT-TAKE-THE-PRESSURE DAMMIT!!

It's not easy being a Red Sox fan..


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