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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The joy of being cheap...

Lawn cutting season is winding down but the dang mower has not been starting lately. I was hoping it would go to the end of the year so I could just fix it in the spring.

When I turned the key it just clicked. I knew it was either the starter or the solenoid. How do I find out which one? This is why I love Google. Type in a question, get an answer! Get the jumper cables out of the car and run the hot wire off the battery to the starter and see if it turns over. It did, so the starter was ok. Solenoid was bad. So I head down to Sears to get a new one and can't help but notice the sign on the wall that says how much a visit to my house would have cost to fix this thirteen dollar part.

New solenoid = $13.00
Sears cost to come out and fix it = $83.00 (holy crap!!)
Anonymous Guy cost to fix it himself = 1 beer.

That's a nice savings.


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