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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Living in the Post-Red Sox Championship, Post Pats win-streak era...

It's been a few days since I posted last. I've been kicking back, basking in the Red Sox World Series win and catching up on some sleep.

Things are returning to normal around here in the Post Red Sox World Series Win World.

I'm back on a normal sleep schedule so I can wake up and exercize in the (early) mornings again. I'm trying to ignore all the candy lying around from Halloween and lose another 5 pounds by Thanksgiving.

Halloween tip: Put all the candy you know you are unable to resist on top of the bowl. When the kids come to the door encourage them to take big handfuls. That got rid of most of the dangerous stuff, like Hersheys, Kit-Kats and Peanut Butter Cups.

I've had quite a backlog to catch up on at the Software Factory. The last few weeks, everybody has been pretty distracted by the playoffs. Now that I am able to focus on my job instead of concentrating on just trying to keep my eyes open, gulping coffee and worrying about baseball games, things are getting done quick.

We've had some movies from Netflix sitting on our shelf wating to be watched for about a month now. We're finally getting caught up on those and I've been catching up on my book reading too (Jurassic Park).

Some various things going on the last few days:

The Sox won the World Series!! (I love saying that.) This event has had such an impact, it is hard to describe. I don't miss my lost identity as a long suffering Sox fan one bit. The best way to describe my feelings after the Sox win is one of great release and happiness. All those years of pent up frustration are dissovled away. It is a great feeling...

I went back and read my old posts in the October archive. The playoffs were quite a roller-coaster ride. It still has not sunk in all the way that they actually won the Series. Several times a day, I will just stop what I'm doing and remind myself, "The Sox Won the World Series, they did it!" Then I remind myself the Pats won the Superbowl. Insta-smile. Yeah baby. Ba-da Bop Ba-ba.... I'm lovin this!

I'm soaking it all in and buying all the stuff to go with it. I've got the t-shirt, sweatshirt and pennant. I looked everywhere for the hats but couldn't find one anywhere so I ordered them online. I was gonna order the DVD and some other stuff but the wife had to step in. "Will you leave a few things for people to get you for Christmas, pleeeze?"

The parade was awesome. I did not go to the parade, but it was a great thing to watch and see all those happy fans and players enjoying themselves. The only downer was some ass-hat beaned Pedro with a ball. WTF?

One thing that is not normal around here is the Pats getting beaten on Sun by the Steelers, 34-20. The streak had to come to an end eventually. Unfortunately, it came to an end against one of the most obnoxious teams in the leauge. The Pats made the Steelers look good, giving up 24 points on turnovers. (I still believed we had a chance to come back in the end)

The Steelers and their fans are one of the more annoying teams the Pats face on a regular basis. These guys came out and said that they won the Superbowl in 2002, prior to getting crushed that is, in the Pats home opener after that 1st Superbowl win. Reminder to Steelers fans: we've won another one since that AFC Championship game. You remember that game I'm sure...

Am I the only one that thought the signs the fans had in the stands were pretty lame? "The Streak is Weak" and "21 and Done". 21 and Done? Think about what your sign says dummy. 21 wins in a row. Earth to Pittsburgh. The Streak is Weak? Name another team that has a longer streak. Oops you can't, because we own the record. I am gloating now, I know, but I've earned the right. Deal with it.

As far as the game went, things did not look good right from the start. When I saw the game start with Dillon sitting on the sideline, I had a feeling 'this could be the end'. I went out for trick or treat with the kids and they Pats were on top 3-0. While I was out, I'd ask some of the folks in the neighborhood what the score was. "You don't want to know" was the response. I got back in from trick or treating and the score was totally out of hand.

I like Faulk, but lets face it, he is not what you would call a 'power runner'. He's great on those screen passes and getting shifty in the back feild to get those extra yards, but he's not going to plow through anybody. Maybe if the d-line was he was running against was made up of wet tissue paper, he would be ok... Plus, he tends to fumble the ball at the worst possible spot on the field.

On top of everything else going wrong in the game, Brady throwing picks, the D not stopping the run and Rodney Harrison making way too many tackles in the back field, they lost Ty Law and Matt Light.

Of course, almost on cue, ESPN and the rest of the sports writing world has now forgotten all about Peyton (OVER RATED) Manning and anointed Rothlesberger as the next 'greatest quarterback that ever lived'. The Steelers and their fans are happily enjoying the fact that they kicked our asses. Well, I'll give it to them, they did, but we gave them plenty of help. I am thinking we gave the game away. You'd think they won the Superbowl. It's one game and it was an aberation to boot. I hope we meet them in the playoffs. Enjoy it now Steelers fans.

Next up, the St Louis Rams and a chance to start a new streak. Keep your chin up Tom.

We'll get 'em next week.

I'm a little worried about all the injuries though. Hope we get some guys back for this game. Looks like Ty Law (and half the secondary (gack!)) is out for an extended period. Maybe O-T-I-S Smith is available...

Well this is a long post. That's what happens when you don't write for a few days. If you're still here, thanks for reading this far! =)


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