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Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanks for coming by Baltimore. Next please?

Ok, so the Pats took care of Baltimore. I see no need for a big recap here. We all know the Pats kicked ass again and the desired result was accomplished. Jarvis' defensive TD was the most exciting part of the game and came just as I had gotten my son calmed down for bed. Needless to say, all the jumping and screaming that followed (by me, the supposed adult) did not help in that cause. Besides, there's always plenty of time to settle down when the game is over. Who can be expected to stay calm watching football?

Billick: I'm wet, my brain is sore from trying to match football wits with Bill, Charlie and Romey and my team logo is a Crow. Ouch.

Ok. Is it too early to be thinking of the playoff hunt? Nope. So here is the Pats remaining schedule.

Sun. Dec. 5 @Cleveland

Sun. Dec. 12 Cincinnati

Mon. Dec. 20 @Miami

Sun. Dec. 26 @NY Jets

Sun. Jan. 2 San Francisco

Hard to believe it but there are only 5 games left. I'm not going to jinx the team here, but let's just say, I'm not afraid of any of these teams. However, here are a few things to think about.

Cleveland. They will not be a pushover. They always play the Pats tough and have a good defense. Bill Belichick says so.

Cincy. Possible trap? Not for the Pats. The Pats don't fall for traps.

Miami. They'll be at home on Monday Night and playing for pride on the big national stage. They'll be wanting to play spoilers big time. It's nice that we get them at home in Dec instead of Sept for a change.

Jets. Another tough team on the road in the prime time, kick ass 4:00 time slot. This one will be definetly interesting. Gang-Green could be fighting for a wild-card spot here.

S.F. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I remember back in the 80's watching the Nine-ers and wondering what it must be like to have a team like that be your team. Now I know. (sighs happily). Anyway. The key to this game will be to get it over with as soon as possible with no injuries. Again, no jinx inducing thoughts here, but hopefully home field for the playoffs will be locked up by this time.

Now lets check out Pittsburg's schedule:

Sun. Dec. 5 @Jacksonville

Sun. Dec. 12 - NY Jets

Sat. Dec. 18 - @NY Giants

Sun. Dec. 26 - Baltimore

Sun. Jan. 2 - @Buffalo

Any of these teams could trip the Steelers up. I see the potential for a Steelers loss against any of these teams except maybe the Giants. I'll keep my hopes up.



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