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Monday, January 24, 2005

Good Mood Monday

Happy Monday everybody. I'm in a real good mood today, along with everybody else here at the ol' software factory. The Pats are headed for the Superbowl once again and it feels great. My blood pressure is back down to a normal level and that helps too. I'm sure my fellow members of Patriot Nation thoroughly enjoyed watching the Pats absolutely dominate last night. It was almost a complete reversal of the Halloween Game. Redemption, Revenge and a trip to the Superbowl all wrapped up in one package. Nice.

It was great to see Corey Dillon at the end of the game. That guy is psyched. I liked watching the Pats players waving their 'terible towels' at the few remaining Steelers Fans left in the stands by the end too. Is it just me or did they seem to give up on their team awfully fast? There were a lot of empty seats in the 3rd quarter.

After the game I stayed up and watched the interviews while I calmed down. Deion Branch made a great comment. He said the team had a little 5 min celebration and then were right back to business. There's still 1 game left. Excellent.

Did you realize this will be the Pats 4th trip to the Superbowl since 1997? That's quite a run. Right now the Pats are .500 in the Superbowl. Hopefully we can get that up to a winning percentage with Superbowl 39.

Even though The Pats had the lead for the entire game last night, I have to admit I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I just get very wound up for these playoff games (the wife says a little too wound up) and even when the Pats are doing well in the game, I'm still super nervous. The Pats need to be up by 24 in a game before I can relax. Anyway, that's just how it is. I can't help it.

Also, I tend to jump around and yell a lot when exciting things happen in the game. This has a negative effect on calming my kids down for bed for some reason. Once we finally got them to bed, I woke them up a couple times too. I received several scoldings, "I know you're excited but will you PLEEEEEZZE to try and keep it down till they fell asleep!?"

There was a point in the game where it looked like the Steelers might start to get some momentum and mount a comeback and I was writhing in agony. I then realized that I had the Patriots Superbowl 36 Mug on the floor and not where it belonged on the mantle. I quickly moved the Pats Superbowl 36 Beer Mug back to it's rightful place on the mantle and got under the Lucky Pats Fleece Blanket. Just like that, the Pats had the game back under control. That was a close one. Yeah, I'm extremely superstitious too..

Did I mention that I can also see into the future? In a previous post I said I thought that Rothlesburger would throw a pick on his first offensive series of the game and he did. Whoa.

Yes I am a freak when it comes to watching the Pats in the Playoffs. Does'nt it sound like fun to watch a Pats game with me? Of course it does! My kids favorite part is the pre-game strech followed by a jog around the house to warm up.

So it's going to be The Patriots against The Eagles for the Superbowl. It should be a good game and once again, I really like the Pats chances in this one. This is the last ride of Belichick, Weis and Crennel together and you know they want to go out on top.

A lot of people dread the 2 week hype-fest before the game but I kind of like it. It gives me a chance to wind down a little this week and just enjoy the fact that we are going back to the Superbowl. Then next week I'll be rested and ready to get all geared up for "The Big Game".

You can be sure I'll be writing a lot more about "The Big Game" but right now I'm just basking in the AFC Champioship win.


By the way, did you know that it's not allowed to say "Superbowl" in ads and stuff unless you pay to get permission to use the word? Otherwise you have to say, "The Big Game".

"Isn't 'dat veeeeiirrd?"

"In Belichick We Trust"



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