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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ho Hum. It's Wed.

It's Wed. The AFC Championship is still a long way away. So in the meantime, what else is going on. Not a whole hell of a lot. Just killing time till 6:30 Sunday.

I have nothing to add to this picture. I just like it. So there you go.

Speaking of pictures, Sports Illustrated has Tedy Bruuuuuschi on the cover. That's pretty cool, but is SI trying to hex our team with one of those famous SI Cover Jinxes? Sneaky bastards. Knock that shit off SI. I know what you're up to. You tried that last year with Brady too. I remember. And it didn't work did it? No it did not. You should know better.

So. What else is goin on...

Nice to see Bellhorn and Arroyo signed, sealed and delivered for another year on the Sox. And hey, Bellhorn got a nice raise. Good for him. He was *only* making 400,000 and change last year. He is officially a millionaire now and gives working stiffs everywhere hope that they too can someday quadruple their salaries.. Seriously, I am glad to see Bellhorn get rewarded for his play last year. I thought Manny should have given Bellhorn a few mil just as a gift for bailing him out during Game 1 of the World Series after he tripped on a pebble in left field while trying to make a catch.

I predict the Eagles will lose another NFC Championship game. You heard it here folks. That gets me thinking, imagine if the Eagles really do lose this one and the Pats *hopefully beat the Steelers. People in Philadelphia would go out in the streets in a giant lynch mob looking for Andy Reid and Donvan Macnabb. The state of Pennsylvania would be collectively bummed out.

*Note to the Football Gods: Notice I said *hopefully* there. As always, thank you Football Gods.

Personally, I am abvivalent about the outcome of NFC game. It should be a great game to watch and I am looking forward to it but I don't really care who wins. I am leaning toward Atlanta. I like watching Michael Vick run around like a maniac. They have a good running back with Dunn. They are just a fun team to watch. But, if the Eagles win, that's fine too I guess... I suppose it would be better not to have lynch mobs roving the streets in Philly. Maybe I will root for Philly. I'm officially listing my NFC Rooting Preference as "Questionable". It will be a game day decision.

Finally, (I know you're probably saying, 'thank goodness' here) I think my iPod has psychic powers. I was listening to random songs on the way in to work and wanted to hear some Nirvana. Amazingly, the next random song that came up was a Nirvana song. And this is not the first time this has happened either... Pretty freaky stuff.

Speaking of iPods, you might have noticed I put some links to the iTunes store over there on the right. I was accepted as an iTunes Music Store affiliate recently, which is pretty cool. So feel free to click away and buy some tunes. That was a shameless plug in case you did not notice.

Have a great day! And Hey,

You stay classy Patriot Nation.


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