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Friday, January 21, 2005

I dream of Superbowls...

Last night I had a dream that I was in the AFC Championship game. I accidentally woke up my wife while trying to tackle somebody in my sleep (I think it was Burress). "Why are you pushing me?" she asked sleepily. I mumbled something about "No gain on the play. 4th Down." and went back to dreamland.

While I'm on the subject of dreams, how's this little fantasy sound: 1st play of the game, Steelers kick off to Bethel Johnson who runs it back for a TD. Sounds good huh?

How about the 2nd play of the game, Adam kicks off to Pitt and they muff it. It's picked up by the Pats and gets run in for another TD. Then, how about if Rothlesburger gets picked off on his first offensive series of the game? Before you know it, its 21-0 Pats in the first quarter. A total reversal of the Halloween game.

Visualize it Patriot Nation. Close your eyes and visualize it. Make your future.

"May, make, make it, make it. Make your future Danny. I'm, I'm a veg', Danny."


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