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Friday, February 11, 2005


I'm feeling very un-inspired since The Superbowl. Now that there's no sports to talk about, (yeah, yeah, I know, The Celtics are playing, yawn.) I've got very little to write about.

I did not intend this blog to become so sports oriented but somewhere along the way that's what happened. As a matter of fact, when I started this thing, I purposely avoided writing anything about The Sox because one of my insane superstitions was that it was bad luck for me to write about them. In a previous blog to this one, (I have started and deleted like 3 blogs prior to this one. Lame-ass, I know...) I wrote about the '03 Sox, The Playoffs, The ALCS... Well, we all remember how that turned out and I actually came to believe that my writing about The Sox was bad luck. Timmlan in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th... Timmlan in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th. Fucking Grady.

Maybe some wounds go too deep to ever heal completely, like Frodo and that cut he got from the Ring Wraith in The Fellowship of the Ring... Wow. Could I be more of a geek?

Sorry. There I go, digressing again. Anyway, when I started this blog I was able to go quite a while without saying a word about The Sox but eventually, the pressure became too great and I decided to tempt fate and actually write down my thoughts about The Sox. There were some tense moments but thankfully, we all came through it ok.

You may be wondering, "What about The Pats? You write about them no problem."

I have always felt it was ok for me to write about the Pats since they are impervious to such nonsense as getting jinxed by some idiot writing about them in a online journal. There ya go.

Moving right along...

It snowed today and nothing puts me in a bad mood like having to shovel snow. I fucking hate hate hate it. But, today is different, because today is "Truck Day", the magical day when The Red Sox load up all the gear and get ready to head down south for Spring Training. That means Spring is getting closer and that puts me in a good mood.

Happy Truck Day!

Finally (or mercifully, whichever you prefer) this Sunday is the Pro-Bowl. The Pro-Bowl means no more Football till August, which is an awfully long time (sniff). At least we'll soon have those new Superbowl DVDs and '3 Games to Glory III' to help pass the time till Training Camp starts up in July.

The Pats offseason will be very interesting with all the changes in the front office coming, as well as dealing with players, the draft, etc.

I would like to set the following objectives for The Pats guys who are in the Pro-Bowl this weekend:

1) DO NOT under any circumstances play any beach football games. In fact, avoid walking on the beach all together. Just hang by the pool where it's safe.

2) Try not to gloat too much around Peyton and and Donovan while you're there.

3) It's officially "The Offseason" so hey,

you stay classy Patriot Nation.


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