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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Doin some shiet around the hoouuuuse and watchin The Daytona 500.

Right now there's about 80 laps to go. So far, the race has been fairly un-eventful. There has been a wreck but we have not had 'The Big One' (yet). Hopefully, we can go through this race without 'The Big One' happening.

[For you non-race fans who are still here, 'The Big One' refers to the huge crash that always seems to happen at Daytona and takes out half the field.]

It's cool be be back racin again. The race was scheduled to start @ 2:00 EST but of course did not start till after 2:30. Seems like NASCAR is really trying to make this more of an 'event' like the Superbowl or something. They've got singers, celebreties, bands, etc etc dragging things out. Just stard the damn race for cryin out loud.

It seems like 75% of the ads in NASCAR feature Dale Jr. Glad I'm a Jr. fan or I'd sure be sick of him. The NAPA ads with Jr. and Mikey Waltrip are very funny. My favorite ad so far has been the NAPA ad featuring Dale Jr. and Michael Waltrip in the "Home Shopping Network" spoof. I also liked Toyota ad with Darryl Waltrip, "What would you do if you were not a race car driver", with him driving taxis and busses sideways around corners and stuff. Pretty funny.

I have not really been paying a whole lot of attention to the race so far to be honest. I'm just kinda watching while doing other things... Most of my guys are still in it and contending, though Bobby Labonte and Kenseth went out early. When we get down to 50 laps to go, then it will really get interesting.

I'm rooting for my all time favorite, Mark Martin.

If Mark can't win it, I'm rooting for DEI. I'd like to see Dale Jr. get 2 in a row. If a DEI driver can't win it, anybody but Jeff Gordon or Kurt Busch would be ok with me. I'm not a big Rusty Wallace fan but I guess I could stand seeing him win his last Daytona. I did not realize this was his last one. Guess I'm not paying enough attention lately.

The new Dodge Challenger looks cool.

The broadcast has not been to "Foxed Up" yet, though we did miss a wreck because they were showing commercials. Personally I hate wrecks. I don't want to see anyone get hurt, cars torn up, and boring caution laps. That being said, when there is accident I do like to see what caused it, and who is affected. Par for the course with Fox. Jeanie Zalasko is as annoying in NASCAR as she is in Baseball. Other than her, I generally like the Fox announcers. Waltrip can be a little over the top sometimes, but I can put up with him. Larry is good for Crew Cheif insight. Seems like Fox has toned down the graphics and animation crap this year. That is good. Thank you FOX.

50 Laps left.



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