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Monday, February 07, 2005

Kickin back

I feel a little guilty because there's not a lot of actual work getting done today here at the ol' Software Factory. I'm feeling the effects of a late night and a few too many beers celebrating The Pats big win. I'm extremely happy about the victory but, man, I don't know how many more of these close games I can take! Everybody around here is in a good mood and talking about the win.

Now that the Superbowl is over, there's no sports to follow till the Sox start up again on Opening Day and maybe that is a good thing. I need to take a little breather. There's the Celts and NASCAR but my involvement with following those sports could best be described as 'casual' as opposed to 'living and dying with every play' with The Pats and Sox.


I like those UPS brown colored Superbowl hats. I'll be able to wear it around without fear of it getting all grungy.

The Pats have slain another dragon by winning a Superbowl in the white uniforms. I believe they have now successfully overcome all of their historical hexes. They've completed the Superbowl Trilogy, they've won on the road out in Denver, they've won on the road in Miami during the hot months. Are there any long standing obstacles left that I've forgotten?

3 continued to be a magic number for The Pats. All 3 of their Superbowl wins have been by 3 points.

I'm planning to go to the parade tomorrow. When the Pats won the first one, it was suggested by my boss at the time that I not attend the victory parade, hint hint. I don't remember why I didn't go to the 2nd one. I was going to go to the Sox parade then wimped out because of the crappy weather. Well, this time, I'm gonna do it, as long as I can get permission from The Man. Hope to see you there. Look for the guy in the Patriots gear. ;)

I need a nap

Stay classy Patriot Nation.


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