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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Always be nice no matter what...

I happened to wear my Red Sox pullover jacket with the 'Two Sox' logo to work today

and as I was walking down the hall, a person that I did'nt know stopped and said to me, "Nice L."

"Huh?" I had no idea what this guy was talking about and it must have shown on my face because he then pointed to the Sox logo on my jacket and said, "On your shirt, the Sox look like an 'L'... for Loser."

I thought to myself, "Ok this guy must be some a-hole Yankees fan," but not wanting to pay a visit to the HR Department for a talk about my demeanor, which is not fun by the way, I put on my best fake smile and played along...

"Well they did win the Series! (Fake)Ha ha! (Fake)chuckle!"

"Yeah," he went on with a smile, "I just wanted to be the first person to give you some shit. I'm from Detroit."

Now I'm more confused than ever. While concentrating on maintaining my fake smike, I thought to myself, "This guys a Tigers fan and he's giving me shit after the Sox finally won the Series? Don't The Tigers SUCK? Fuck yeah they do! He's probably a Lions fan too. I wonder if he'll ask me about The Pats next..."

"(Fake) Ha ha! Yeah, well, that's pretty funny," I said. "Talk to you later! (You fuckin' fuck-tard)"

Thankfully he then disengaged and we both headed our seperate ways.

The Sox beat the Yankees in a meaningless game today. 5 Days till it counts.


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