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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sionara Kim...

Byung Hyun Kim is gone.



I will not miss Kim one bit. Supposedly he had lots of potential but we never saw much of it. His biggest accomplisment as a member of the Red Sox was that he caused a great deal of annoyance and frustration to Sox fans everywhere whenever he pitched.

I've read he had a hard time with the English language, but he did once display his knowledge of sign language to the Fenway Faithful.

With a 6 million dollar salary, I'm sure head-case Kim will land on his feet. (Can you tell I don't feel bad for him?)

Kudos to Theo for unloading this guy.

"Other than that I have no strong opinions on this subject."


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Yeah, I'm not shedding a tear over him going...

Your blog's looking good... I'll just put up with blogger for now... At times it works all right for me, and then there are times when it doesn't.

hey you know the saying-don't let the door hit you on the ass...

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