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Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy 'Reward' Friday...

Happy 'Reward' Friday everybody!!

What is Reward Friday you ask?? Well...

Reward Friday is a Dunkins' Breakfast Sandwich and Coffee instead of crappy Software Factory coffee and oatmeal...

Reward Friday is a lunch out at a restarant instead of a ham and cheese sandwich...

Reward Friday is a few Jack Daniel's and beers after work...

Reward Friday is a totally unhealthy dinner that could even involve fries and possibly an ice-cream...

Reward Friday means a Mudslide for your better-half...

Reward Friday means pulling into the driveway and the Sun is still out...

Reward Friday means that you don't have to give baths, even though it really is 'bath night'...

Reward Friday means, 'You can stay home and play tomorrow Dad?'

Reward Friday means a Sox game and hopefully they win...

I love Reward Friday.

This post is a total giveaway but I don't give a fuck. Happy 'Reward' Friday!!


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yah, reward friday means a killer grand gold maragrita with lunch!
man, I wish I wish I wish I could watch the sox game today!! Unless I go out to this one bah in town that has NESN satelite, I can't watch. that's it... I'm subscribing to my cable company's MLB package.

Margaritahhh for lunch... nice!! Happy Reward Friday!! =)

Reward friday?! I wish I'd known that yesterday. Jeez. Unfortunately Reward Friday for me is followed by suck saturday because I have to work. speaking of, maybe I should start getting ready...

Don't worry, there is always next Reward Friday... It's a weekly event! Hope work goes ok!

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