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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Opening Day thoughts...

The first thing I read when I turned on my computer this morning was this:

Boston.com: Young hopes are shaken

I don't want to come off as a mean son-of-a-bitch here but, YAY!! Welcome to the real world kids. There's no hand shaking in baseball...

Yankee Fan teacher Ed Kaufman said, of the poor Yankee fan kids at the school, "''They also feel much more comfortable wearing Yankees hats around the building."

Oh that's good. I was really concerned for those poor Yankee fans (rolls eyes...) Give me a fucking break... Maybe I'm a little 'old school' but are'nt you supposed to remove your hat inside a school? Hmmmm.

Ok, I feel a rant coming on so I'm just going to stop this stupid topic right here and now.

Moving right along...

I got home yesterday and had high hopes of seeing some highlights of the Opening Day ceremonies on the local cable outlets. I really wanted to see the rings handed out, Bruschi throwing out the First Pitch and the 2004 Championship Banner, but for some reason, both FSN and NESN were showing Poker. POKER! Poker?? What the fuck is the deal with poker lately? I just don't get it. I really dont. Poker TV shows, Poker advertiesements. It's everywhere! We're being bombarded with poker. Maybe someone should start a 24/7 poker channel.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly annoyed at the lack of Opening Day highlights...

Thankfully, (mercifully) NESN did show the Opening Day game replay and that was very enjoyable to watch. The new field looked absolutely fantastic. I could not get over how beautiful it looked. With the vibrant green grass and the majestic blue sky, contrasting with the white of the players uniforms, it was picture perfect. I was glad that they did not cut a Sox logo into the grass for this one. The classic 'cross-hatch' cut on the field was perfect. (I wish I could make my lawn look like that!)

Tim Wakefeild pitched an absolute jem of a game. How fitting was it to have him start the opening day game at Fenway? Wakefeild is a consumate Red Sox and one of my favorites. I can't think of a better scenario than to have him start this game.

I remember after 2003, there was a picture on Dirt Dogs of Wakefeild with his head in his hands in the visitors locker room with Trot Nixon consoling him after Game 7. When I think back and remember that terrible moment and imagine how Tim must have felt, and now to see him pitching the Opening Day game vs. The Yankees, the 1st game at Fenway after winning the World Series, I can't help but think that everything over the last 2 years was meant to happen and now it's all fallen into place perfectly. Talk about taking a trip to the depths of heartbreak and then rising to the pinnacle of glory and redemption... Wakefeild truly deserves the honor.

Very cosmic, I know... I wonder what color my aura is right now? Har!

I loved the 'AAAAAAA-ROD! AAAAAA-ROD!' chant. Loved it. It really gave me a good chuckle.

All in all, it was a perfect day to enjoy everything that happened last year and then put 2004 to bed.

Now that Opening Day is out of the way, it's time for The Sox to focus on 2005. Today is a day off. Time to take a quick little breather and then start kicking some ass. Shilling starts Wed vs. Wright...



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I can't think of anything more boring than watching somebody play poker. lame, lame, lame.

in reagrds to the "young hopes are shaken" ...

Boo-fuckin-hoo. (said in my best bawstin accent)

in reagrds to the "young hopes are shaken" ...

Boo-fuckin-hoo. (said in my best bawstin accent)

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