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Friday, April 29, 2005

Pats sign Flutie...

Just when I was going on about how good The Pats offseason has been, they go and throw a wrench in the works and sign Doug Flutie as their backup quarterback. I am not a Flutie fan and I think the guy is a troublemaker. I realize he's been a winner everywhere he's played, including New England. He's also been a disruptive pain in the ass everywhere he goes because he's not content to be the #2 guy.

Well this is probably Flutie's last stop and I personally hope he never sees the field during the regular season, unless it's to come out and take a knee with The Pats holding an insurmountable lead.

Sit on the bench, hold your clipboard, keep your mouth shut and hope Brady can get you a Superbowl Ring to finish out your career Dougie.


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Mr.B&W-Wait;,does this mean you don't like Doug Flutie?
You know...I have mixed feelings myself. I do like the guy, and I think he'd make a competant backup, but...
The only thing I could say is I don't see how he could come in here thinking he'd be anything other than a backup.(if he does he's an arse) I see a guy who's nearing the end of his career, who'd like to get a nice new piece of jewelry, and what better place to do it than by coming back to his home team?

F.S. your powers of observation continually amaze me :)

Ok. I admit it but it's not like I totally hate the guy or think he's a bad QB. I remember what he did when he was on The Pats the 1st time around and I even rooted for him when he was in Buffalo (except against the Pats). I thought it was stupid when they benched him in favor of Johnson.

The problem I have with him is that he's always been a prima-donna who thinks he deserves to be the starter. He's never been able to accept the role as a #2 guy, even when that's what he's been specifically brought in to do. He's always made a stink about it. Well I don't want there to be any disturbances in the Patriots Force.

As long as Flutie can accept his role as a backup and not cause any problems, I don't have a problem with him, but if the Pats go through a bad patch, I hope he does'nt start opening his mouth to the media suggesting maybe he should start a few games. If the Pats lose a few games I hope we don't start hearing people calling for Belichick to 'put in Flutie'... I'm tellin' ya right now. I don't want to ever hear that...

"Other than that I have no strong opinions on this subject"

You know in school, I was voted most likely to notice things.
Anyway, I hear you BW-the last thing we need is the crumbling of Bill Belichick's empire. I'm trying to be optimistic. Some people might call that denial.

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