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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Poor finish for Martin but still in the top 10...

I have not been watching a lot of races since the Daytona 500 but I still keep up with the results of the races and the point standings.

Little E has not been having a good season so far and after 7 races, he's in 15th place.

Mark Martin on the other hand, has been solid. He did not do to well today, finishing 20th at Texas, but he's still in the Top 10 in the standings, sitting at 7th place. Texas has always been kind of a poor track. It really sucked when it first opened. The surface of the track was terrible and would just kill tires. I know they've done work to try and improve it over the years so maybe it's gotten better but I have to admit I'm not paying enough attention to NASCAR lately to know if the track at Texas is any better or not.

In any case, hopefully Mark will continue to be consistent over the first few months of the season. It's easy to jump up quick in the beginning of the season but as it get closer and closer to the end, it becomes very hard to make up lost ground. If he can stay in the top ten and hopefully hang around the top 5 in the standings, he'll be in position to make a serious run at that elusive Championship.


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