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Friday, April 15, 2005

Props for The Pats

I just realized I have not given hardly any attention to my beloved New England Patriots lately and I need to give my boyz some props.

They've signed a bunch of players to hopefully fill the void made by those that, for one reason or another, have left the team, hung on to some key free agents, signed some contract extensions and are making ready for the Draft next weekend. In the middle of all that, the visited the White House and kept the bastards in the MSM off Tedy Bruschi's back.

I have to call them out for tripping up on Brady's contract though. What's up with that wacked out installment plan thing The Pats tried to pull with his signing bonus? Brady is already getting paid less than Manning, Vick and that guy that played in the Superbowl for the Eagles, (what was his name again?) so just give him his signing bonus and make him happy. Normally I don't mind all the creative penny-pinching but don't mess around with Brady.



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They're playing with fire, that's for sure.

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