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Friday, April 08, 2005

Sox vs. Jays... Finally a night game...

The Sox will play the Jays in Toronto's home opener tonight. It will be nice to finally have a game that I can watch as opposed to having to see what's going on using my computer.

Since I'm at work all day, I did'nt see any of the Yankee games. I know they re-run them on NESN at night but it's not quite the same, since I already know what's going to happen. I watch a few bits and peices of the re-runs, but never the whole game.

Since the games have all been during the day so far, we here at The Software Factory have sampled several different 'game update' web browser apps in order to keep up with the game, pitch-by-pitch.

The consensus:
MLB.COM gameday has the best computer play by play. It updates the quickest, shows you pitch location and was generally found to be the most informative.

Coming in second was CBS Sportsline and coming in last place was ESPN's play by play.

So there you go fellow lab / cube dwellers. Take it from us. If you're stuck at work with no radio or tv, MLB.com's gameday is where you want to catch the live game update.


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