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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sox / Yankees: Opening day...

Bottom of the 6th. Wells came apart in the 3rd and allowed 3 runs, one came in on a bases loaded balk, as if I need to tell you about it...


The Sox had men at the corners in the Top of the 6th but got nothing out of it...

Currently 4-1, MFY have the lead. Now we'll see the Sox bullpen. Neal comes out and does not start off too good with a lead of walk to F'in Jeter. Now here's Slappy... and he gets a hit and Damon must have been thinking about his wife out in center... F'n Jeter scores. 5-1 MFY. Not good. Not good... Sheffeild sac fly advances Slappy to 3rd. Bye bye Neal. Thanks for coming... (Good grief...)

Now Sierra gets a hit off Embree. Slappy scores. 6-1 MFY. Chop-Suey is up now. Still only 1 out with a man at 2nd. Rally cap time...

Top of the 8th... it's been an exercize in futility so far... 6-1 MFY. 2 out. Ortizzle up. He strikes out.

Well, that's going to be it unless the Sox pull off a miracle in the 9th. Dissapointing.

The Sox seem to have issues with opening day games. At least we did'nt have to hear '1918'.

161 to go...


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don't you think that if Millar had hit that homerun out that there would have been a totally different outcome?? Oh wells...

don't you think that if Millar had hit that homerun out that there would have been a totally different outcome?? Oh wells...

I think you are right about that Melissa. It would have at least given Wells some more to work with.

Millar got robbed of a homer there. At least he did not keep running the bases like Cairo did last year. Har ;)

For some reason, the Sox have a hard time on Opening Day. Hopefully they've gotten that sloppy play out of their systems now!

Tis only April...

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