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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Celts... What was that debacle?? Sox vs. Texas...

First off, what is the deal with all the days off between games in this Boston / Indiana playoff series? After what seemed like forever, The Celts finally got back to playing basketball last night. Unfortunately, they did not get back to playing good basketball. The Celt's lost the game last night. I don't even know what the final score was and I don't think I want to know. All I know is they got stomped. I checked in on the score in the 3rd and they were getting their butts kicked. I watched a little bit of the game and said to myself, "They're playing like crap. I'm not wasting my time staying up to watch this..."

I think the long break between games is partially to blame, especially since I became totally confused as to what day the games were on and accidentally wore my good luck Celts t-shirt yesterday, completely screwing up the team's karma. So I guess I can take part of the blame there....

Yes, I am under the belief that my choice of clothing can have an effect on the team's performance. Yes, I know I am a freak. Don't worry though, I'm wearing Red Sox gear today, including Red Sox socks, which are key, so hopefully The Sox will get back on the winning track tonight vs Texas with Wake pitching against Park.

Meanwhile Foulke is aware that there is a problem (how can he not be) and is working to fix it. I have faith in him and I refuse to get down on Foulke. I think know he will work his way out of this funk he's been in.

Meanwhile some more, Wade Miller is close, very close to being ready to go... Oooooo... so tantalizing...

"Keep the Faith"


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