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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Pats are makin' some nice offseason moves...

As I read more and more about The Pats draft of 2005, I become more and more impressed. Michael Felger over at the Herald has been putting out some good articles about The Pats draft picks. Based on my initial impressions from reading about the guys in this year's draft, there is reason to get excited. They may not be flashy guys who are going right to the top of the depth chart, but they all seem to have that "Patriots" quality; hard working, nasty, team oriented, great attitudes, willing to learn and do whatever the TEAM needs. I'm gettin' psyched... When's training camp start??? Rookie Mini-Camp is this weekend. It will be nice to see a little preview of what these new guys can do.

Felger also says that Troy Brown's situation should become clear within the next week or so. I hope Troy comes back.

I've decided that Mike Felger is the only sports writer in Boston that I actually have respect for.  Unlike most of the other writers that cover the team, his stories are informative and straight forward. I like that there is no underlying hatred of the Pats or thinly veiled jabs at Belichick or the team in Felger's stories.

Mannix and Borges are at the top of the 'I hate The Pats' Boston sports-writer list. If I see they have written an article, I won't even read it. The only time I read their stuff is by accident and usually by the time I'm halfway through the article, I'll be like, "Who the hell wrote this piece of crap?" I'll check the top of the page and sure enough it's almost always Mannix or Borges. There are other writers who are bad too but I don't have the energy to list them all. Mannix and Borges just happen to top the list.

The Pats are still working the Free Agent wire and we may see Chad Brown and / or Aaron Glenn in a Pats uniform soon. The team seems to be stockpiling players at positions that suffered a lot of injuries last year. The downside of this is that the people The Pats are stockpiling with happen to have a history of injuries themselves. The upside is that these are guys who are motivated to show they still have what it takes to play in the NFL and will be signed to 'normal' contracts that won't break the bank. If they get hurt or just plain suck, The Pats can just let them go. They are not getting signed with killer contracts.

Have I mentioned that I love The Pats?



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