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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wild Saturday nite... (NOT)

The wife is visiting relatives with the kids and I am home trying to think of something to do.

I check the movie listings. Nothing looks good. Strike 1.

Maybe Clutch Grabwell is at the Plantation Club. NOPE. Strike 2.

Hmmm. I'd like to go see a live band or go to a bar or something but I'm wondering how much fun it will be to go by myself. I'm starting to lose my motivation now...

I'm thinkin' I might just head down to the packie and get a fresh bottle of Jack and some beers and crank out some of my own tunes. I think that's the ticket because I'm feeling more and more lazy as time ticks off the clock...

Quite the wild Saturday night, I know. I have like, zero social life. Sigh.


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