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Friday, May 27, 2005

Frustration Level continues to climb...

Its been a pretty frustrating month for Sox fans. This Yankee game tonight is not providing any relief. Squandered scoring opportunities in the 6th, thanks to a certain coach who stands at 3rd base but will not be named, were the cause of much cursing and punching of couch cushions tonight...

Top of the 9th with the Sox down 6-3. Tom Gordon closing out the game for the MFY. Hmmm That's funny... Are the MFY afraid to bring out Rivera or are they just giving him a break? Never mind. Here he comes...

Lets look at the standings for a sec. The Sox are 5 games out of first right now. Although the Sox position in the standings is disconcerting to say the least, (4th, WTF!) in trying to remain positive, lets ignore the standings and focus on the games back. 5 back is not totally out of hand. They remain within striking distance and still have an opportunity in front of them this week to make up some ground. I'm going to remain positive. The other option is to throw a hissy fit and stomp around the house. Hopefully it won't come to that...

The Sox have played some pretty piss poor baseball all around lately. They really need to pull things together here. Randy 'BEAN POLE BITCH' Johnson got off the hook big time tonight.

Millar gets a hit by the way... I'm still paying attention to the game as I write this. Rally Cap is on... Mueller up with 2 men on.... Come on Billy. (Oohhhh. Billy Billy Billy...) FUCK. Strike 3 called. Fucking Yankees... I fucking hate them. ANYWAY....

Clement vs Pavano tomorrow. That will be an interesting matchup.

6-3 Evil is the final. Now the bitch-fest is going to start. I'm sure there will be much finger pointing and arm-chair Managing going on. I'm not happy with the team's performance but I'm not going to bash anybody. I think there's been too much finger pointing. Guys need to step it up and that's the bottom line. Bashing people does not help. Maybe it helps other people feel better but not me.

I'm guess I'm just kind of sick of all the pissing and moaning in general. I don't even read Dirt Dogs anymore. It seems like all that site does now is tear people down or post stupid rumors (that turn out to be false). Fuck that. I have enough shit to deal with right now without getting all aggrivated over something I read on a baseball site.

Case in point. Edgar Renteria. The guy is a good player and I personally don't care for the way Edgah's been treated. I think he is going to prove a lot of people wrong in the end..

5 games back. Call me a fool if you want to but I'm going to stay positive. The sun is going to come out tomorrow dammit and the Sox are going to start climbing back into this thing.



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