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Monday, May 02, 2005

Its not like I hate Flutie...

I did not want to talk about Doug Flutie anymore but everybody at the Software Factory keeps coming up to me with a big smile and asking me, "Hey, what do you think about The Pats signing Flutie?"

"Great," I say, "I hope he has a great pre-season and then we never see him take another snap."

Then I get a weird sort of half-pissed, half-quizzical look in response. "Why do you say that?"

"Becauuuzzzzze, if Flutie is in the game, that means that something has happened to Brady."


This is where I start to get a little irritated myself. "What do you mean, 'SO?' I don't want something to happen to Tom Brady. I want him to play." (While all this is going on, I'm thinking to myself, "Why is this so hard to understand?")

"Yeah, but Flutie's got a lot of experience, he's a good backup."

"Exactly. That's great, and I hope that's all he is this year."

At this point, the person I'm talking to gives me a flustered look and then walks away like I've insulted his Mom or something while I'm like, "WHAT?? What's the problem?"

I'm not saying Flutie's not a good backup QB. He's got a lot of experience and hopefully he can be helpful to the team in that capacity, but the bottom line is, I don't ever want to see him in a real game where it counts. This is not because I don't like him or think he sucks (which I don't), it's because if he's in the game that means Brady's out and if Brady's out, that is not good. In fact this whole topic is starting to give me the willies. I'm worried I might conjure up some bad luck by just talking about this.

Backup QB's are like an insurance policy. You want to have a good one and then you hope you never have to use it. I think Brady is the best QB in the league and I am thankful to The Football Gods that he plays for my team. With the exception of 4th Quarter mop-up duty, I don't want to see his backup in a game ever, no matter who it is. I'd feel the same way if The Pats signed Brett Farve to be Brady's backup.

Why couldn't Chandler Bing just have stayed on The Pats?


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Whoa, BW, I think you need a drink and a night out with the wife--I don't want you having Doug Flutie nightmares. (sorry, couldn't resist) You know, I can't speak for anyone else and their ability (or lack of) to understand where you're coming from, but I'll say this: I completely agree with you about not wanting to see him on the field this year-Brady is our #1 man, but I think that there was a little nostalgia involved with Mr. Flutie coming home, and perhaps that's what people were excited about? He will make an excellent backup...and hopefully there he will stay.

FS, I agree with you 100% on everything, especially the part about getting a night out! :-)

I don't want to see Flutie play on the field either, cuz that means something bad has to happening to Brady. That's not good. Just thinking about something bad happening to Brady causes me great pain in my stomach.

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