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Friday, May 13, 2005

No Content, No Problem...

I can't think of anything good to write about today. Actually, I do have stuff I could write about but I'm feeling like a lazy ass, so I'm coping out. Instead, I came up with a new, completely un-original topic, Meaningless Questions!

Here are some Meaningless Questions. These are random questions off the top of my head that have no meaning or purpose, other than having fun. Feel free to answer them, or not, in the comments. Feel free to write in your own, different answers if you want to, or explain your answers... Whatever man! It's all good, so go nuts!

1. Starbucks or Dunkins'
2. Car or Pickup truck
3. Boston Globe or Boston Herald
4. Original, Unaltered Star Wars or New and Improved Star Wars
5. Steak or Chicken

Bonus: Fat Drug Addict Elvis or Thin Leather-Clad Elvis

There ya go! Have fun, or not... whatevah. It's Reward Friday!


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Here are my answers:
1. Dunkins'
2. Pickup
3. Herald
4. Original, Unaltered Star Wars
5. Steak

Bonus: Thin Elvis

my answers are on my blog :)

my answers are on my blog :)

gosh, I really have been away for a while! So I'm going to take full advantage of any opportunity to infect your blog with my wisdom
3)a hybrid version of the two
4)I'm sure I will get some ribbing for this, but having never seen the 'new' Star wars, I'd have to go with the old standby.
5)none of the above
and Elvis in leather, of course. Though the fat one is a little intriguing...

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