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Thursday, May 05, 2005


- First off, what do you think of my banner?

It's just something I slapped together and I'm not sure if I like it or not, which means expect me to tweak it endlessly till I'm satisfied... and don't be surprised if I change the colors around again too... Hey at least I keep all 10 of my readers on their toes!

- Sometimes I wish this site got more visitors and other times I'm happy to just kind of fly under the radar... Sometimes I like what I've written and sometimes I think what I've written totally sucks... Sometimes I do and sometimes I dont...

- The Sox won today, beating Detroit 2-1. I need to say sorry to Arroyo for accidentally wrecking his No-No. Yes, I accidentally said the words 'no-hitter' in the middle of the game and shortly thereafter, the No-No was history. Sorry Cornrollio. It was an accident. What was I thinking??

- I am very happy because I scored some tickets to the Red Sox game this Saturday against Seattle. I was wondering if I was going to be able to get to a game this year, so I am wicked psyched!! (Emphsis on the Boston accent there.) I'm just hoping the game does not get rained out. The forcast is not looking good right now. I will have to burn something when I get home and make a plea to the Weather Gods and the Sports Gods for some clearing of the rain clouds on Sat.

Besides going to the Paahk and seeing the 2004 World Chapmpion Red Sox, I am excited to see a game against Seattle, mainly because of Ichiro. He is my favorite non-Red Sox player. I love the way that guy plays the game and the way he holds his baseball bat like a samurai sword when he's at the plate.

I'd like to see Pokey too but he's hurt. Oh well.

It's a night game so I'll be heading into towne early to drink and eat sausage sandwiches and stuff. If you're in towne or going to the game and want to hang, look for the guy wearing the Sox cap and holding a beer in either An Tua Nua, The Baseball Tavern or Boston Beer Works. I'll be around in there somewhere. If you don't see me, check the line at The Sausage King... ;-)

- Finally, file this under 'What a friggin' tool'. RAC must be having a fit...

- Tomorrow is 'REWARD FRIDAY'!!


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At least you knew the Red Sox were playing this early afternoon. I didn't even care to check on the time of today's game. I got home around 3 pm *my time* and discovered the game had already been played.

Have fun at your game! *lucky guy*

I'll probably be sitting here in front of my computer getting 30 second updates...

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