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Monday, May 23, 2005

Soundtrack of my life has lots of Social Distortion

Social Distortion is one of my favorite bands. They have the amazing and uncanny ability to write songs that I totally relate to. It seems like their songs always seem to be a perfect match to my thoughts and feelings about things that have happened to me and events going on in my life.

You can add 'Reach for the Sky' to the list of Social D songs that seem to fit me perfectly and at a perfect time too.

Jarringly switching gears, I have been listening to 'Static Age' from The Misfits almost non-stop on my iPod, so I decided to go and get another record today. (That's how you can tell I'm old, I still call albums 'records'). I went to Newbury Comics and looked around. First, I looked to see if Ministry's 'Land of Rape and Honey' was in stock. It wasn't. It never is. I wonder if it's out of print... I have it on an extremely worn out cassette and I would like to replace it. It seems like it's never in stock, because, well, it never is, so I always look to see if they have it, just in case. Since they didn't, again, I headed over to The Misfits area. I could not decide between Earth A.D. or Walk Among Us. I had some vague recollections of both of these records from back in the day when I used to be a d.j. on my college radio station. We had both of those records on vinyl, (everything was vinyl back then and they're probably collectors items now) and I used to play some songs off of them now and then. I remembered both albums but I couldn't remember which record I liked better. I went with Earth A.D. and listened to it on the way home... I have a long ride home so I listened to it twice. The 1st time I listened to it, I honestly thought about bringing it back. It's a very noisy record and I had a hard time getting into it, maybe because I was thinking it would be a lot like 'Static Age'. Earth A.D. is much different from Static Age, probably because the drummer (?) for the Earth A.D. record was from Black Flag. Anyway, by the time I had listened to it again, I decided that I liked it a lot. It grew on me quick;-) If that damn Ministry album is not in stock the next time I'm in Newbury Comix, I'll probably pick up 'Walk Among Us', then it will be time for something new again.


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You know BW, it's good to hear a nice Social D reference every so often. Every time they have a new album I worry a little-but it seems they never lose their touch.

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