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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sox / Nerd convergence

Baseball related nerdery:

Mac OS 10.4:

iCal: Download the Red Sox (or your favorite team's) schedule into iCal from here or here.

Next, get this Dashboard widget and turn on the Sox calendar. You'll never wonder when the next game start is again.

This next one is my favorite: MLB Scoreboard. This is a very well done widget and the guy that made it is always working on it to make it better. Pick your team or let is scroll through several teams. It shows innings, who's on base, balls and strikes, the score... the thing kicks ass.

Windoze users, don't think I forgot about you. (I sit in front of Windows all day long at the Software Factory.) Since there is nothing like Dashboard built into Windows, you're going to have to shell out 20 bucks and get Konfabulator. To be honest, it's not as good as the Dashboard, but it's as close as you can get on Windows. There are a lot of useful Widgets that you can download, including a Baseball Scoreboard Widget. Check out the gallery and see what interests you.

Ok thats enough nerdery for today. It's nice outside. Get out there before it starts raining again!!

By the way, Wells vs. Moose tonight at 8:00. Wells has all day to recover from whatever he did Saturday Night... I am deferring further commentary to ms_brightside, since I agree with everything she said in her last post which also caused me to wonder, why can't I find a job that is wicked easy and pays a shitload of money? ;-)


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