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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

West Coast Trip..

I have not watched any of these West Coast Red Sox games and frankly, that's probably a good thing, since The Sox blew another game last night while leaving 13 men on base against the A's..

When you have to wake up at 5:30 AM, you can't start watching a baseball game at 10:00 PM so the last few days I've just been waking up, checking the score, cursing quietly and then going ahead with getting ready for another glorious day in the windowless, incredibly noisy, cold and always fun Software Factory.   

Thankfully tonight is the last game in this terrible road trip before heading home for a series vs Atlanta but right around the corner is Toronto, The MF Yankees and Baltimore again. I told you May would not be an easy month... Dammit!


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don't get me started on the mofo NYY, BW.

okay, I've got a completely un-sports-related question for you: You seem like the type of guy that likes to keep up his yard/lawn/etc. (please correct me if I'm wrong) I have a little dilemma: The other day, my children were in the backyard with little plastic hockey sticks whacking the shite out of an embarrassing number of poofy dandelions thus spreading seeds at an alarming rate. My feeling is they would've done it on their own anyway, but I also have this nagging feeling that resembles guilt-probably due to the fact the my husband spends an inordinate amount of time maintaining 'his' lawn. Should I tell him?

I meant to tell you a long time ago that I like this 'blue' color scheme. I still think you need agraphic , though.

You might say I am obsessed with my lawn, so you just opened a whole can of worms there! ;)

Well, I think you are right the seeds probably would have spread on their own anyway and if your husband is anything like me, he already has Scotts Step 2 (fertilizer and weed killer) or something equivalent ready to go on the lawn.

You might want to give him a heads up about it but it's probably not a big deal so I would not worry about it. Dandylions spread either way. There's nothing you can do about it but try to control them. I hate those fucking things. My neigbor's yard is full of them but they don't care and do nothing to get rid of them which means I am constantly trying to keep them from spreading into my yard...

See I told ya you opened a can of worms there! :-)

Also, forgot to say, glad you like the blue colors. It's inspired by The Patriots :-)

I'm still working on something cool for a graphic or picture or somethin'...

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