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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Accomplishments with numbers...

Some meaningful numbers this weekend:

159: My weight on Saturday. I don't usually toot my own horn but I have to say I am quite proud of myself for getting down to this weight. Getting into the 150's is a major accomplishment for me and I've taken off over 25 pounds. I have not seen the 150's on my scale in almost a decade. With 3 weeks left to my ten year wedding anniversary, I am now 4 pounds away from my goal of 155, which was what the scale read on the day I got married.

I need to be really good and maintain discipline over the next few weeks if I want to lose about a pound a week. 4th of July will be tough, with beer, hamburgers, brats and other temptations, but as long as I indulge a little without over doing it I will be ok.

0: The Red Sox number of games back in the A.L. East, i.e. zero. Meaning The Sox are in sole possession of first place in the division. Hee. Hee. Heh...

1.5: The number of games The Sox are ahead over the 2nd Place O's in the A.L. East (for now...)

8-5: The current score in the Sox / Phillies game. It was 8-1 when I started writing this, but Wells seems to be having some problems and may have tweaked his injured foot again. Effin-A...

It's the bottom of the 5th... long way to go with the bullpen warming (oh shit...)

8-1: The current score in the O's / Braves game, going into the 9th. The Braves have the 8-1 lead. It's looking good for the Braves to swweeeeeep the O's. Hopefully the Sox can hang on to win this game and get a little 2 game buffer in the standings.

580: As in, AM 580 WTAG, the radio station that I'm listening to Joe and Jerry call The Sox game on as I hang out in my back yard oasis. (Side note: I'm loving the wireless network right now...) I love it back here in my back yard.

When we first moved into our house, our back yard was literally a swamp. After a lot of back breaking, hard work over the last few years, it's now an awesome summertime hang-out. If you want to see it, let me know, maybe I'll put up a before and after pic.

I hope McDonald's does not want to move into my neighborhood. (Yes, I'm still fuming over that New London thing. I'm not going to let it go either.)

1-2-3: The correct combo of Tequila, Triple-Sec and Green Juice to make a nice pitcher of Margaritas. Throw some ice in the pitcher. Then, using a juice glass, use the 1, 2, 3 method. 1 glass of tequila, 2 glasses of triple-sec, 3 glasses of the green juice. Squeeze in juice from a lime. Add some salt to the top of a glass... Now we're talkin'...

91: The current outdoor temperature, and I absolutely love it. Love it, love it, love it. Not a snowflake in sight out here. If you hear me bitch about the heat this summer, feel free to smack me. Enjoy this Summah-time while it lasts my friends.



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Those are some pretty good numbers! ;)

Congrats on almost getting down to your goal weight. Just a little more to go, and I'm pretty sure you'll be there in no time if you're determined (and I'm sure you are)!

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