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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

All in stride...

Last night I went to bed after watching the Red Sox take the lead. Timlin had come in for the 8th and got into a bind. At that point, I practically had toothpicks keeping my eyelids open and just could not hold them up anymore. Tito headed to the mound to pull Mike T and gestured to the bullpen.

As Foulke strode out of the pen, I shut off the tube and went to sleep hoping he would be able to hold on for the win.

"You can do it Keith." I tried to project this positive thought out to the ballpark but in the back of my mind, I had a bad feeling.

When I woke up this morning and checked the score, I was, unfortunately, surprised but at the same time, not surprised. "Dammit" I said quietly. I had no idea what had happened in the game but I had a pretty good idea. Later when I got to work I scanned the game log and got the gory details before diving in for another day of fun and fulfillment (yeah, right).

Thankfully the afternoon game turned out much better. The Sox got the win and put the memory of last nights blown save in the rear view mirror. In the end, the standings did not change dramatically.

Foulke's problems are troubling but I still have faith in him. I guess I'm just dumb. Most people want to rip him but I've still not given up on him yet, though I am officially getting nervous when he comes in to close out a game, especially if the score is tight...

In other news, I scored some tickets to the upcoming game this Sunday vs The Jays and I am really looking forward to it. The weather is looking good and unless there is a drastic move made in the rotation, which I highly doubt will happen this week, I expect Arroyo should be pitching on Sun. I am looking forward to seeing he of the extra high leg-kick pitch.

I was showing some folks at work how high his leg goes when he winds up, of course I had to hold onto a desk and a chair while doing it... Then another guy tried to do the Arroyo wind-up sans chair for support and nearly landed on his ass. See, that's why Cornrollio makes the big bucks and guys like me are just workin' stiffs. He can kick his leg really high without holding onto something and throw a baseball really hard.


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