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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bob Kraft's lawn kicks ass...

Check out Bob Kraft's lawn.

No clover, no dandylions, no weeds, no crabgrass of any kind... it's immaculate! Plus, how about those effin' cool logos!

I want my lawn to look like that.

In other Pats news, Richard Seymour needs a head check. Seymour is a great player and seems like a really smart guy. That being said, what is he thinking with this mini-camp hold out? If he wants to protest his contract this is not the way to do it. I hope Seymour figures that out by the time Training Camp starts.

I understand that he thinks he's not being paid fairly and he wants his contract re-done but sitting out mandadory practices is not going to help make that happen. If anything, Seymour is only going to make things worse for himself.

He's under contract for another 2 years and has zero leverage. Why should The Pats pay him more if they don't have to? In fact, Seymour could wind up owing money back to The Pats. Meanwhile Jarvis Green is getting his reps in Mini-Camp.

Earth to Richard, this is Reality calling. In case you forgot, you work for Bill Belichick and you know that he is not going to play along with your game.

I'll give Seymour credit though. After sitting out Mini-Camp, he had the balls to show up and get his latest bling at Bob Kraft's house where he stated publicly that he loves The Pats organization and wants to get another ring. That would be fine with me Richard.

Hopefully this is just a bump in the road and eventually Seymour and The Pats will come together and work out a deal that will make both sides happy, with warm fuzzies and Superbowl Championships all around.

You know what, now that I think about it, I would like to re-negociate my contract too. I'm feeling under paid and under appreciated and I'm going to sit out my job until my boss caves and gives me more money and a seat by the window. Do you think it will work? Yeah, did'nt think so...

On a final note, I found Tom's Brady's comment about the championship rings to be very funny.

"If they get any bigger, you'd have to wear it on your belt..."

Ha. All this and a sense of humor too. Fucking bastard... Just kidding. I love Tom almost as much as Bridget does. I'm just jealous of all The Patriots right now. In fact the entire Patriots Organization has me writhing with envious jealousy. Especially Bob Kraft and his weedless lawn...



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That lawn is pretty nifty...of course, I don't envision Mr Kraft out there with the lawn mower/fertilizer/weed control/etc, though for some reason, the image of him tooling around the backyard on a ride-on mower with a beer in his hand is pretty darn funny.
As for Seymour, here's to hoping that he wakes up soon-or his agent, anyway. I think there's too much of this shit in general, and a lot of it boils down to greedy hard-nosed agents who care more about lining their bank accounts with extra cash than how something like this affects a player's relationship with the team. Think about it: Seymour doesn't give in until training camp, or even partway through, it doesn't make him look like much of a team player,right? I imagine any other player-especially those who may be less than thrilled with their contracts (but still fulfilled the obligation sof their contracts)are looking at him in a different light.

Ha ha that is funny! My wife told me the same thing. She says I should not get jealous of Bob's lawn since he obviously does not work on it himself so it does'nt count. But then I say, yeah but he earned all that money so he does not have to work on his lawn.

She still says it does'nt count if he does'nt work on himself so now I feel a little less jealous. ;)

I think you are right about Seymour. I don't know what he's thinking... Holding out would be a stupid move on his part if you ask me... Rodney Harrison thinks he should be paid more too but he still showed up for camp.

Rodney has been supportive of Seymour in public but I wonder what he really thinks about this hold out from Seymour...

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