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Friday, June 03, 2005

Come on Foulkie, no problem...

My wife was watching some crazy Friday nite flick so I have had to 'watch' the Red Sox game on MLB Gameday again, even though I'm home.

I 'saw' the big hit from Damon to score the go ahead runs in the bottom of the 8th and then, fortunately, the movie ended just in time for the top of the 9th...

Foulke is up on the mound. 'Mother... Tell your children not to walk my way...' Come on Foulkie, you can do this. Nice and smooth. No problem. 'Tell your children not to hear my words. What they mean, what they say... Mother..'

Ok lets finish this out.

Nice. 1st batter pops up to Damon and gives us the 1st out...

Next up, here's The O.C. I love ya man Orlando but I wanna see ya whiff. Swing and a miss. 1 out away. This is just what Keith needs...

Top 9TH B:0 S:0 O:2
Adam Kennedy singles on a ground ball to center fielder Johnny Damon.

Ok. Kennedy gets on base. ::Grumble::

Next, Figgins. Ok Foulkie. Game ovah time... 2-2. On your feet Fenway... Foul. !!

Top 9TH B:2 S:2 O:2
Chone Figgins singles on a ground ball to shortstop Edgar Renteria. Adam Kennedy to 2nd.

Fuck. He gets a hit to Renteria but Edgah can't control the ball and Figgins gets on.

2 on 2 out, 1-1 to Erstad.

Top 9TH B:1 S:1 O:2
Darin Erstad singles on a ground ball to left fielder Manny Ramirez. Adam Kennedy to 3rd. Chone Figgins to 2nd.

DAMMIT!! Erstad gets a hit and now the bases are loaded.

Ok. Come on Keith. Time to bear down. Ignore those assholes in the stands... You can do it.

Finley up. Ball. Ball. Strike! 2-1. Next pitch... foul, so now it's 2-2. No problem Keith. One more and it's ovah.

The pitch... SWING AND A MISS.

Top 9TH B:2 S:3 O:3
Steve Finley strikes out swinging.

Nice job Keith. Never a doubt. Never a doubt...

Sox get the (comeback) win, 7-4



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