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Friday, June 10, 2005

Motivation level = 0

First off, it's Friday. Thank God it's Friday. Make sure you reward yourselves today.

As I went into Dunkins for my traditional 'Reward Friday' breakfast sandwich, I was dissapointed to find that the Steak, Egg and Cheese bagel sandwich is no longer on the menu. After choking down a momentary wave of saddness, I quickly pulled myself together and went back to gool old, reliable Ham, Egg and Cheese bagel sandwich. Yummy.

After a very hectic week, I'm feeling pretty burnt and right now my motivation level is extremely low. I'm pretty much hiding out, doing busy-work and waiting for The Sox / The Cubs game later today. The suck-factor of today's 2:00 start has already been pointed out over at Surviving Grady. Even though I'll be forced to 'watch' the game with MLB Gameday, Sox / Cubs is still going to be cool.

Thankfully it's a weekend series so I'll be able to watch some of the games on TV Sat and Sun. (Tryin' to keep that positive vibe...)

Today's Sox / Cubs game makes me think how cool the 2003 World Series could have been if certain events had not transpired in both teams League Championship Series that year... But we won't go there, if you don't mind.

The 're-match' series with the Cards earlier this week was painful. You might have noticed that I did not write any posts during that series. That's because I was A. Too tired and B. Too frustrated by the results of the 1st two games. At least Wells came in and prevented the Sweep. So The Cards took 2 out of 3. If it makes them feel better about themselves after getting swept by The Sox in last years World Series, thats fine, but we still keep the Trophy and the Rings...

On a side note, I've decided David Wells is just a wierd guy and I'm just not going to be able to get used to him in a Sox uniform.

He has the capability to make me like him if he keeps up his recent pitching performances, but was I the only one that found his recent tour of Yankee Stadium's Monument Park on NESN really annoying? What was NESN thinking with that segment?

I know Wells is a big Yankee fan and that deep down, he is a Yankee. I try to get past this fact and focus on the job he's been doing for The Sox, which so far has been decent. I tried to watch him play tourguide in Monument Park but after a while the sight of seeing a Sox player walking around Monument Park and gushing about all the great Yankee players enshrined there was too much for me. I wound up becoming totally irritated by the whole segment and turned it off.

Note to Wells: Dude, you're a Red Sox now. WTF? Go be a Monument Park Ranger when you retire. For now, focus on your current team. Thank you.



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