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Thursday, June 16, 2005

NYC: Day 3

Hey what's up everybody!

Today is my 3rd and thankfully, final day of work down here in New York city. I'm a country-boy at heart so after a few days in the Big City I start to miss grass and trees and fresh air. New York is a cool place to visit but the non-stop bustle can get kind of tiresome and after a while all the buildings and concrete starts to make me feel a little claustrophobic.

Yesterday was a very long day for me. I was at the customer from 6AM till sometime after 8PM, and oh, what fun it was... I won't bore you with the details...

The bright spot of the day, or more appropriately, night, since that's when I finished work, was my planned excursion to the Red Sox Nation hideout, Harrison's Tavern.

After work I headed over to my friends apartment where he was, once again, having a beer and watching The Yankees / Pirates game. At least this time he had gotten his computer out and was monitoring the The Sox / Reds game on the internet.

I was a little frazzled after a long day and needed to decompress a little before we headed out so I grabbed a beer and settled into his bizzaro, Yankee watching universe and relaxed for a few moments. Once I finished my beer we grabbed a taxi and made our way over to Harrisons.

If you are a Sox fan stuck in NY and want to catch a game, Harrisons is a good place to go. Its a nice little bar with big open windows that let in the night air and give it a very open feel. They've got good brews on tap like Harpoon, Newcastle and Guinness and the bar food is good as well. The woman tending bar was cool but she was kind of an airhead. She was entertainment all by herself.

In the back of the bar there is a widescreen projection of The Sox game on a big pulldown screen and there are tv's over the bar showing the game in HD. They have The Yankees and other sporting events on too.

One of the nice things about Harrison's is that they have the game audio turned up so you can actually hear Orsillo and The Remdawg call the game.

I settled in at the bar, had a couple Newcastles and just relaxed while watching this final game in the Sox / Reds series. The Reds are not the best team in the league so The Sox pretty much cruised through this one and completed the sweep. It was good to see Arroyo get the win and also to see the Sox finally win a series. After St. Louis and Chicago had their World Series vengeance, we got ours against The Reds. Even if it was not against one of the upper echelon teams in baseball, I'll still take it.

Once the Sox game ended, we turned our attention to the Yankees game and hoped the Pirates could hang on for the win. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. As we were all groaning in disgust at the Yankees comeback, some Yankees fans in the bar did their best to drown us out with some overly loud clapping and hollering. Whatevah...


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