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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sox / O's tied in the 7th...

So I'm 'watching' the Sox vs O's game on MLB gameday while doing my thing here at The Software Factory. The Sox need to get this game to split the series and keep the O's within striking distance.

Currently it's the bottom of the 7th with the score tied 3-3 and the bases loaded. Manny is up. Come on Manny... I need to go to my desk and put my rally cap on... Ok. Rally Cap is now in place. Time for Manny to hit a Granny...

Dammit. He grounds out. Bases loaded opportunity wasted... Grrr. Off to the 8th inning we go with Mike Myers heading to the mound for The Sox... Man these damn Orioles are tough..

Ok. Back to work :-/

Sox win on a walk off homer from Big Papi. YEAAHH Baby, Yeah! Good thing I put my rally cap on. You guys can all thank me later ;-)


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I'd wondered if you had something to do with it.
You're green?

It's 'Green Monster' Green actually ;)

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