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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cool moments...

Last night's game vs the White Sox had several cool moments that really stood out.

I liked Wade Miller's overall play last night, particularly when he got into a pretty big jam early in the game and pitched his way out of it with some strike-outs. He got stronger as the game went on and that was nice to see. It was not a fantastic outing but it was good work for him.

Cora made a couple of standout plays again last night, helping Miller out with some nice defense. The play that stuck with me was his making a tag on a base-runner at second. The runner momentarily popped off the 2nd base bag and Cora kept the tag down on the runner to get the out.

Tek hit a homer and l love the fist pump that he does as he rounds the bases. He reminds me a little of Ray Bourque when he does that.

Another cool moment that I'll remember was in the bottom of the ninth with Shilling closing out the game. With 2 outs, Timo Perez hit a long and scary fly ball out to Manny. Manny caught it just in front of the wall and immediately did a crazy looking, no-look, over the shoulder throw of the game ending ball into the stands.

The classic moment was during that same play.

As Perez hit the fly ball, Shilling turned to the outfield to watch it go and he had a wide eyed, "Ohhhhh shit..." look as he watched the ball going, going... Manny made the catch and Shilling's face immediately turned into a smirky smile as he quickly turned back towards home plate to shake hands with Tek. He must have been thinking, "Got out of that one". Manny's got yo' back Shil.

By the way, I've been wondering, what song does Curt have them play when he comes out of the 'pen?

The O's and Spankees both lost last night, giving the Sox a little bit of breathing room in the division, which is good considering it's looking like there's going to be a split here against the White Sox, currently 5-2 Chicago in the 6th. Still time left for the Good Guys tho... Rally cap time.


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